The nine most insane excerpts from the latest column by the boss of the NRA

HERE are paraphrases of the nine wackiest points made by National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in a column he wrote for the right-wing Daily Caller:

1. Violent Latino gangs are out to get you.

2. And they’re streaming over the border.

3. And so is al-Qaeda.

4. And Obama will use them as an excuse to take your guns.

5. If you want gun safety, you want civilization to collapse.

6. Thanks to Obama, there will soon be no cops.

7. But the NRA is totally not paranoid.

8. It’s just that the collapse of civilization is right around the corner.

9. And we — the NRA — shall overcome.

Is LaPierre a raving lunatic or what?



  1. It’s because of folks like LaPierre we need a well regulated militia.

  2. Okay, I was wrong about Steverino not having an original thought. I have to admit the above post is pretty funny.

  3. “Is LaPierre a raving lunatic or what?”

    I guess the truth is hurting Pat or he would not have made this statement!

  4. The NRA is a fine organization, If you really want to see and hear insane, check some of Barry’s speeches. Every hear of “Fast and Furious?”

  5. Again I’m going to say this!

    1. Chicago, has had gun violence and for years with very strict gun laws.
    2. Chicago is run by liberals and nothing has been done to stop the gun violence.
    3. Illinois residence must have a FOID card to buy a gun legally and this can only be gotten by going to the state police.
    4. But this violence goes on in Chicago but nothing is said by Pat or President BOB.
    5. So the Media and BOB go on a rant about the NRA but the NRA has broken NO laws.
    6. So why are legal gun owners the bad guys?
    7. Now you know why I can’t take anything on this subject seriously from Pat or BOB!

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