Here’s Scott Walker’s bogus idea of a middle-class tax cut

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is one of those Republicans who pretend that folks in the top tier of income constitute the middle class.

The story is HERE.

UPDATE: Speaking of Wisconsin Republicans and matters of taxation, our old buddy Ron “Sunspots” Johnson, one of the dimmest bulbs in the U.S. Senate, suddenly has involved himself in GOP stewardship of the House of Representatives.

Sunspots SAYS John Boehner is not long for the speakership if he wavers even a little bit on the issue of taxes.



  1. “Walker calls for cutting the taxable rates on individuals up to $161,180 and couples earning up to $214,910. The lowest rate, for individual income up to $10,750, would drop from 4.6 percent to 4.5 percent. The rate on income in the next bracket, for individuals earning up to $21,490, would decrease from 6.15 percent to 5.94 percent. And the third bracket, for individuals making up to $161,180, would decrease from 6.5 percent to 6.36 percent. ”


    So now the Think Regressives are crying about people making $160K??? This is far below the Federal differentiation for what constituents middle class. I’m now curious what these people think are the upper limits for middle class? $100K??? $50K??? Should people not making over $100K not get a tax break? Do they think poor people should not pay into the government system?

    Through Scott Walker bold policies against the unions, he’s able to provide a little relief to tax payers, all while balancing the budget and growing his economy. Only left-wing minded people could somehow find a fault with that.

  2. No surprises here. When you govern by coersion and deceit this is what you get.

  3. Craig Knauss

    Based on Nef’s post, this is how it shakes out:

    Max. Income Old Tax Rate New Tax Rate Tax Reduction
    10750 4.60% 4.50% 10.75
    21490 6.15% 5.94% 45.13
    161180 6.50% 6.36% 225.65

    While the additional $225.65 may not be real significant to the person making $161,180 per year, I just hope that the minimum wage earner doesn’t spend that entire $10.75 in one place.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    Why, again, is Walker cutting taxes on the top 1% of earners? This craven concept has been proven to do squat for economic growth, so what’s his purpose other than cronyism?

    Sen. McConnell’s own non-partisan CBO report (which was squashed last October) said these tax giveaways didn’t contribute to growth.

    Even David Stockman, the trickle-down guru of the 80s, said just last fall that “Mr. Ryan’s sonorous campaign rhetoric about … giving tax cuts to “job creators” (read: the top 2 percent) will do nothing to reverse the nation’s economic decline and arrest its fiscal collapse.”

    So what is your point, Mr. Walker?

  5. Luke Fredrickson

    Another thing we learned last fall: Romney is the perfect microcosm for why these tax breaks are useless. He takes his tax giveaway, puts it in a bank, and let’s those bankers invest in loans to small businesses.


    We can’t afford more welfare for tycoons.

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