Bob Woodward of Watergate fame looks bad with his whining about Obama’s meanies

Call me lazy, but I wasn’t going to post anything about the big fuss on the Internet today concerning the Obama White House and fabled journalist Bob Woodward. It seemed all too complicated and inconsequential at the same time to even bother with.

But I’ve changed my mind now that Andrew Sullivan has succinctly — and somewhat bitingly — summarized the situation.

Read it all HERE.




  1. Woodward embracing Fox Noise and Hannity is a threat to his intelligence.

  2. Haha you shouldn’t fault others for whining, Pat. You have an entire blog predicated on whining. It’s pretty annoying when you’re not the one doing the whining isn’t it?

  3. Luke Fredrickson

    Mark Felt made this bozo. Without him we would never know Bob Woodward, as he would never get the access he has since parlayed into bylines.

    To quote John Cassidy: “The real rap on Woodward isn’t that he makes things up. It’s that he takes what powerful people tell him at face value; that his accounts are shaped by who coöperates with him and who doesn’t; and that they lack context, critical awareness, and, ultimately, historic meaning.”


  4. RedRover

    Whatever the truth of the matter, Woodward got off a lot easier than the Jonas Brothers did:

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