Obama’s approval rating on federal spending much higher than that of GOP lawmakers

If Republicans in Congress think their stance on the issue of federal spending is playing well with the American public, they’ve got another think coming.

In a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, approval of President Obama’s handling of the issue is 17 percentage points higher than that of GOP lawmakers.

Granted, a slim majority of poll respondents don’t like how Obama is dealing with federal spending, but two-thirds disapprove of the way congressional Republicans are handling  the issue.

See HERE. (You’ll  have to click on “Show Results” to get the numbers.)




  1. Pat: For heavens sake, it’s a know fact that Obama’s spending is more than the other 43 Presidents combined.

  2. Chuck: As usual, you don’t what you’re talking about. It’s utterly preposterous to say that Obama has spent more than all other presidents combined.

    In fact, so far under Obama, federal spending has been rising at the slowest rate since Eisenhower was president in the mid-1950s.

    But then, you’re the same nitwit who told us that 90 percent of the people who watched President Obama’s State of the Union Address were Democrats.

    And you’re the wingnut who said he would move to Texas if that state ever secedes from the Union.

    Keep up the good work, Chuck. You’re always good for a laugh.

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