Gay marriage opponents hilariously mocked here

This is pretty funny.

Share it with your friends who somehow think their own “traditional” marriages will be adversely affected by gay marriage. And then rethink whether you want these people to remain your friends.




  1. expdoc


    I want my 80 seconds back.

    Now we know why you never tried to be an entertainment critic.

  2. Poor, humorless doc.

    Everyone else I know thinks the video is a hoot, but not doc.

    I don’t suppose it’s too popular among the Vatican hierarchy either. Those folks are especially worried that gay marriage will be the undoing of traditional families everywhere.

  3. expdoc

    Humorless? I am hardly that. The lack of humor has nothing to do with the topic, it just isn’t funny.

    I think you should find some new people to hang out with.

    Your buddies probably thought this guy was funny too.


    Democratic Party staffer Graeme Zielinski was removed as the party spokesman following his Twitter outburst in which he compared Republican Gov. Scott Walker to serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, sources said Monday.

    Party leaders also docked Zielinski a week’s pay – which works out to a little more than $1,000 – for his tweets after Milwaukee prosecutors announced that they were shutting down a secret criminal investigation of Walker’s aides.

    Late Friday, Zielinski removed the offensive tweets and apologized both to the families of Dahmer’s victims and to the first-term Republican governor.

    One source close to the party said Zielinski, a former newspaper reporter, will stay on with the state Democratic Party as a “media adviser.” He will, however, no longer be permitted to post on Twitter, where he has been prolific in recent years.

    “He agreed,” said one source. “He’s aware of the mistakes he’s made.”

    The source declined to say why officials decided to keep Zielinski on the party payroll.

    Democrats did not immediately name a replacement for Zielinski, who will still be allow to talk to reporters off the record for stories. The communications job is currently listed as open, though staffer Melissa Baldauff will handle most media calls until the post is filled.

    The source close to the party noted that Zielinski has made a handful of mistakes in recent years, including several on Twitter.

    In May, he sent out a series of tweets suggesting Walker was using his criminal defense fund to help defend a man accused of child sexual enticement. A couple of months earlier he posted a bogus tweet in which Republicans supposedly said women “should get paid less and not be able to make health care decisions.”

    “It’s a culmination of stuff,” said the source.

  4. expdoc

    I did think this outcome was hilarious. Only because I predicted it and all of your liberal buddies were proven to be delusional.


    On June 1, 2012, four days before the contentious recall election that would see Gov. Scott Walker retained in office, guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine strode to the microphone in front of thousands gathered in front of the Labor Temple in Madison. Morello had some breaking news.

    “Governor Walker is now an official target in the John Doe investigation and is facing indictment,” Morello announced to the crowd, prompting the union sympathizers in attendance to wail with delight over the belief that their governor was a criminal.

    On Friday, prosecutors closed the three-year John Doe investigation that led to felony charges against Walker employees and associates without any further charges. The Two Years Hate directed at Walker by his political opponents turned up nothing; in fact, the only true scandal to be found is in the way Walker was treated leading up to the recall election.

  5. doc: Your comparison of the video above to this Zielinski character is preposterous.

    Ever the wingnut, aren’t you?

  6. expdoc

    That “Zielinski character” was, up until today, the OFFICIAL spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

  7. It’s not that Walker was innocent he just had more lawyers and money to spend for his defense.

  8. doc: Wake the hell up. Zielinski has nothing whatever to do with the humor in the video above. I don’t care what he said or did. It’s irrelevant.

    Only a wingnut like you would draw any connection between the two.

    Sometimes you are soooo obtuse.

  9. expdoc

    So sad for you when a liberal hero, proven to be a true scumbag, takes a fall.

    That’s hilarious.

  10. expdoc


    Walker wasn’t even charged with anything. He only had to defend himself from baseless liberal attacks.

    That is the entire point.

  11. expdoc

    By the way Pat, be careful about that word obtuse, it can get you thrown into solitary confinement.

  12. doc: In recent weeks, I’ve given serious thought to deleting comments that are utterly irrelevant to the post to they’re attached.

    You make a good case for such a policy.

    I’ll give it some further thought.

    You should consider getting your own blog where you can raise subjects I don’t bother with — y’know, stuff like how Scott Walker’s immortal soul is as pure as the driven snow.

  13. expdoc

    It is so very irritating when people disagree with you and prove you and your leftie buddies to be so very wrong. I have no doubt that your gut instinct is to censor them immediately.

    Here is another quick subject change for you. Consider a lengthy analysis of the raging economic and social successes of that Democrat and union bastion of Detroit,MI.


    The state of Michigan is taking on one of the most difficult turnaround projects ever attempted: a rescue of a sprawling city with $14 billion in debt, a depleted tax base, a legacy of government corruption—and very little time left to avert financial collapse.

    Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday he plans to appoint an emergency financial manager for Detroit, taking control of the state’s largest city out of the hands of elected leaders. The governor, who has called a revitalization of Detroit critical to sustaining the state’s nascent economic recovery, said he didn’t believe city leaders were addressing rapidly enough Detroit’s ballooning deficits and a persistent cash drought.

  14. Cheryl

    Pat – L-O-V-E it!!!!!!! It’s fantastic they think gays are so powerful that they will destroy straight marriages!

  15. Craig Knauss

    Considering that I now live in a state that has legalized, by popular vote, gay marriage, I found Pat’s clip to be pretty amusing.

    As I posted a while back, since gay marriage was legalized in Washington not one single conservative has exploded, no churches have collapsed, no plagues or disasters have occurred, the human race has not become extinct, nor any of the other rightwing dire predictions have come true.

    And doc will love to learn that Forbes said the state of Wisconsin has one of the 10 highest overall tax burdens in the U.S. Illinois didn’t make the top 10. Interesting.

  16. expdoc

    Why do you think the Republicans were elected to have complete control of Wisconsin State government?

    Check your list for where Illinois ranks in it’s total deficit and debt obligations. You wanna bet that taxes go way up in the near future?

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