I love it: White House flack mocks George Will

Of all the conservative pundits whose pre-election predictions this past November were way off the mark, perhaps none is more deserving of taunts than the insufferably pompous George Will.

It’s especially delicious, then, to see that White House spokesman Jay Carney is NEEDLING Will for having predicted two days before the presidential election that Barack Obama would lose in an Electoral College landslide.



  1. Jim Hefner

    “insufferably pompous” pot-kettle?

  2. Ah, another brilliant comment from Jim Hefner, who expressed great wingnut outrage last year about how Obama was going to “demand re-election.”

    Jim apparently thought Obama was a bit uppity in running for a second term.

    And now Jim thinks I’m a hyprocrite for calling the insufferably pompous George Will “insufferably pompous.”

    I think Jim doesn’t like me. Good.

  3. dogrescuer

    No matter which side you’re on, you really can’t deny that George Will is a stuffed shirt!

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