Luke Russert is no Tim Russert

If Luke Russert wasn’t the son of the late Tim Russert, there’s not much chance he would be a Washington correspondent for NBC News. At least not yet.

The younger Russert was just 22 years old when NBC hired him in 2008 soon after the sudden  death of his father, the long-time host of “Meet The Press.” To say the kid was green is putting it mildly. His principal media experience was as co-host of a sports talk show on radio.

But, hey, he was Tim Russert’s son. And besides, the network was eager to connect with younger consumers of political news.

So far, young Luke has not exactly distinguished himself in his big-time gig. He’s known for stupid questions  — like when he asked Nancy Pelosi if she isn’t too old to maintain her party leadership post in the U.S. House — and his attempts at insightful analysis are pitiful.

Then, too, junior is sometimes overly eager to ascribe false equivalencies to political disputes.

Consider, for example, THIS SITUATION:

NBC News correspondent Luke Russert on Wednesday asserted that “it’s actually really true” that a Republican attempt to stop President Barack Obama from playing golf “looks bad on both sides.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) had proposed an amendment to ban the president from playing golf until he resumed tours at the White House that had been canceled to prevent Secret Service furloughs due to automatic budget cuts in the so-called sequester.

“Doesn’t this reveal the petty and personal nature of Republican opposition to this president?” MSNBC host Martin Bashir asked Russert on Wednesday.

“Well, I think it reveals a sort of pettiness on both sides,” Russert opined.

“How is it petty by the president to apply the sequester since it’s something that he didn’t want but it’s been imposed?” Bashir pressed.

“Because the idea, Martin, is by putting that forward that there would be no more tours of the White House, who does that stick it to? That really sticks it to rank-and-file congressmen, who ordinarily would promise those types of tours to their constituents,” Russert insisted.

“It sticks it to the public!” Bashir shot back. “And it’s the public who are being injured by the sequester.”

“The public gets those tours through their congressman,” Russert continued. “If you look at it from the abstract, if you’re sitting in the middle of America tuning in at night, you’re saying, ‘Why are they fighting about who can tour the White House. We can tour the Capitol.’”

“It looks bad on both sides. I think it’s a pox on both their houses, which is a thing that we’re never supposed to say these days because it’s an easy way to get out for the media. But in this case, it’s actually really true.”



  1. Neftali

    NBC has a habit of doing stuff like this. After all, they hired Chelsea Clinton. Let’s just say she isn’t going to win a Pulitzer anytime soon.

    I suppose when you’re competing for ratings it makes sense to draw in “name” candidates, but for the sake of preserving their own integrity it might be best to rethink their strategy.

  2. Neftali – I would hardly compare Chelsea to Luke. She’s a grad of Stanford with two masters from Oxford and Columbia.

  3. Neftali

    Degrees are overrated. Google some of Chelsea’s special interest pieces. They aren’t bad, but they’re not very good either. She’s mediocre at very best. If it wasn’t for her name she wouldn’t have been hired.

  4. Let’s remember that Chelsea Clinton’s role at NBC has never been as prominent as Luke Russert’s. They didn’t have her covering Washington politics. In other words, she was less ill-suited for the job she was doing than the Russert boy has been for his.

    I should point out that Luke Russert is probably a fine young man. It’s just that he didn’t have adequate experience for the prominent gig he got, and he has yet to grow into the position.

  5. Nef – If degrees are overrated I guess that would explain your support for the dimwits in the tea party.

  6. Neftali

    Steverino – More high school drop outs support your side.

  7. Neftali: There you go again with that meaningless crap about high school dropouts.

    Yes, Obama won the votes of most high-school dropouts, but as I pointed out to you the other day, those dropouts represented only 3 percent of the total electorate.

    Obama also got more votes than Romney from folks who had post-graduate studies. Obama’s margin over Romney among such voters was 13 percentage points. And those people represented six times as many voters as high-school dropouts.

    Obama also carried all 10 states with the highest percentages of college graduates, while Romney carried nine of the 10 states with the lowest percentages of college graduates.

    So forget that dropout stuff, Neftali. It’s pointless.

  8. Neftali

    Its not pointless. Stupid people vote for Obama. Retaliate with any other compensating stats you want, but end the end you can’t get around that undeniable fact.

  9. Craig Knauss

    Gee Nef,

    Where I live now all the semi-educated inbred hicks all voted for Romney. Hmmmm.

    BTW, genius, the election is over. The word is “voted”, not “vote”.

  10. Neftali: How dumb can you get?

    I pointed out that by a wide margin, most of the best-educated voters in this country voted for Obama, and Obama carried all ten of the states with the best-educated voters.

    And your reply is that “stupid people vote for Obama.”

    Well, I know one stupid person who didn’t vote for him — you.

    Technically, of course, it’s true that SOME stupid people voted for Obama. Any presidential candidate is going to get some votes from stupid people. But that isn’t what you said. Your characterization was more universal, as if ALL stupid people voted for Obama. Then how did Romney carry nine of the ten states with the least-educated voters?

    But, hey, keep riding that high-school-dropout hobby horse. I’m sure it will impress of some our other wingnut readers.

  11. Neftali

    Fine. More stupid people voted for Obama than Romney.

    You both happy?

  12. Neftali: Let me explain this so that even you can understand.

    More people in general voted for Obama — about 5 million more than voted for Romney. That majority naturally included all kinds of people. And yes, a case might be made that more stupid people voted for Obama, but a case can also be made that more of the smartest people voted for him, too. And those smartest people (those who had graduate studies) represented a far larger segment of the overall electorate than did the most stupid (high school dropouts).

    So what we’re left with here in light of your persistence in pushing the dropout meme is the conclusion that you are not so bright yourself, though you’re not a high school dropout.

    Oh, and let’s not forget that some of your Romney voters were morons who believed that Obama is a foreign-born Muslim. How stupid is that?

  13. shawnnews

    In Pat’s link to an article by George Will on Robert Bork and Richard Nixon, a commenter is talking about “the Benghazi coverup” while another talks about how Clinton got away with lying under oath. The dumb doesn’t stop. No one has substantiated a cover-up — Only insinuated that because they can’t find evidence for their imaginary accusations there must be some covered-up. What did Clinton “get away” with by being the second president impeached? If some dropouts vote for Obama all it meant was they were smarter than the current people who believe the fantasies of the Republicans.
    However — Nef is totally correct about degrees in and of themselves. A degree shows that you met the standards of that university to get a diploma.
    Bill Clinton was incredibly dumb to hand his opponents an arm to twist and plunge the country into impeachment. Bush, Clinton, Bush II and Obama are all Ivy League. What do you think of the results?

  14. shawnnews

    Have you seen any if the Tea Party videos Pat posts or even read the letters to the editor that get submitted? It’s as though they’re saying everyone is looking for hand outs and free rides but them. They’re the only people who work except for people in unions who don’t really count. And remember if you get unemployed for some reason you’re a moocher. The world is all about them. Luke Russert and the people in this video are intellectual heavyweights to the people currently in charge of the Republican Party. The “home scholers for Perry” crowd couldn’t spell false equivalency let alone critique a construction of a logical argument.

  15. Back to the point. The network is perfectly happy to hire kids of celebrities and I’m sure the Bush family sees nothing wrong with their daughter promoting the family on the “Today” show.

    The idea of a new division president asking Chelsea to come in and “do anything you want” is perverse. If she was out in Kansas covering Tornado’s I might even have some respect for her.

    Russert should be given credit though: for getting rid of the asshat haircut.

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