Victoria Jackson’s airhead schtick on “Saturday Night Live” apparently wasn’t an act

As we see HERE, Dennis Miller isn’t the only former SNL star to join the ranks of the right-wingers:

Former Saturday Night Live star and current conservative celebrity Victoria Jackson has made a second career as a mascot for deranged opposition to President Barack Obama that includes calls for secession, statistical analysis of the white baby population, and comparing American to the  Big Bopper on Election Night, but it looks like restraint has finally gotten the better of her. Wonkette’s  Rebecca Schoenkopf called Jackson out earlier today for posting an article suggesting that the persecuted, underrepresented White Christian Male needs some scale-balancing, asking “Why is there a Black History Month but not a White History Month?”

Jackson also featured a video that lists “Things To Thank White People For,” which curiously did not include Baywatch (but does include “recorded music” without noting that black people invented all of the good recorded music) and listed some white accomplishments, on her own, for the ungrateful non-whites who control everything.


In this video of a few years ago, Jackson almost seemed to be doing satire — but she was serious. And lots of unhinged wingnuts take her very seriously.



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