Glenn Beck wipes floor with American flag and then casually tosses it aside

If this isn’t flag-desecration, I don’t know what is:




  1. Beck needs quiet time in a padded room.

  2. It’s terrible, it’s outrageous, it’s a shame, it’s NOTHING. Beck wasn’t doing anthing worse than the hippie era Vietnam protestors did when they took American flags down and burned, stomped,wiped their backsides with or made outfits out of them. Also what about the illegals who have taken over our some of our cities and put their countries flag above the American flag, or how does Pat feel when he sees the American Flag being desecrated by those “Countries” who hate us? Of couse Liberals are ok with those acts in the name of freedom of expression..

  3. Ah, another brilliant comment from our old friend Chuck, the pseudo-patriot who once told us that he would move to Texas if that state ever secedes from the union.

    Chuck, none of your examples of flag-desecration compare with that of a right-wing hero of yours — a man who presumably has many thousands of avid followers — going on national television and rubbing a flag into the floor and then throwing it aside.

    But you say “it’s NOTHING.”

    You’re a weird little man, Chuck, and I eagerly await the day when you and Texas are gone from this country.

  4. Craig Knauss

    I remember a whole lot of Vietnam era “patriots” screaming in self-righteous rage when those hippies desecrated the flag. The hippies were accused of treason and all sorts of punishment was recommended for them.

    But when someone of Beck’s ilk does it, “it’s NOTHING”.

  5. shawnnews

    The point is that many self-styled patriots want harsh penalties and jail time for those who decide to destroy flags. Now one of their own is doing it unpunished, rewarded by listeners and apologists. I don’t think any punishments are necessary other than pointing out the fact there is a double standard. I’m not for burning or desecrating flags so I don’t do it.
    “Also what about the illegals who have taken over our some of our cities and put their countries flag above the American flag.”

  6. Frumpy Stilson

    Chuck, I recommend you buy a pair of Glenn Beck’s $387 jeans. Them are made in Merica! Perfect for the Tea party patriot.

  7. dogrescuer

    Even putting aside the flag incident, his disjointed rambling seems to prove that Beck is definitely losing it.

  8. Hobbesjd

    Necks lost it and his friend chuck has too. If that was any one on the left there would be such an out cry that its un-American etc.

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