Here’s a record of Paul Ryan flipping, flopping, and flipping back again on Medicare


The timeline on this matter reads as follows:

Feb. 25, 2010: Ryan Against Medicare Cuts

April 5, 2011: Ryan For Medicare Cuts

August 16, 2012: Ryan Against Medicare Cuts

March 10, 2013: Ryan For Medicare Cuts

There are details HERE.




  1. Craig Knauss

    Per CNN this morning:

    Ryan’s new budget proposal includes $600 Billion in tax INCREASES and relies on HCRA being repealed.

  2. He didn’t want to do it, but if it means getting rid of healthcare for poors, Ryan is
    willing to balance the budget and reduce the deficit.

  3. Neftali

    LD – Ryan is not getting rid of healthcare for the poor. Quit making stuff up.

    Craig Knauss – Ryan’s plan allegedly repeals HCRA, but keeps its tax increases. How that is exactly possible, I’m not sure. I honestly don’t think it is possible.

    Obviously, the only way this thing gets passed is if Republicans win the Senate and White House in 2016. Of course, by then its already 3 years old. So I’m not sure what the real point is, other than perhaps just rally up the base for next year’s midterms.

    I skimmed through all 91 pages of the thing this morning. Two additional thoughts immediately come to mind:

    1. Ryan mentions simplifying the tax code, instead of have 7 different brackets, we have only two, the lowest being at 10%, the other at 25%. But I don’t see where it lists to when you fall into the higher bracket. At $50K? $100k? $250K? It doesn’t say.

    2. Ryan’s plan allegedly balances the budget in 10 years. But on page 72, the graph shows the budget deficit being well under $100 Billion by as soon as 2016. Why not just figure out how to cut the extra $100B and state that we can balance the budget in 4 years? That sounds a lot better than 10 years. This whole 10 years still sucks anyway. Why not balance the budget this year?? Or next year? The world will be a much different place in 10 years. This thought that we might abide by the same plan for 10 straight years makes zero sense.

    Here’s the plan for those interested:


  4. Brian Opsahl

    In Spain,Greece and many other austerity type ideas have been proven NOT to work. You can’t and nobody to date has cut there way out of these problems. We had an election didn’t we…? isnt that what Boehner said to wait till after the election…and now…?

  5. Neftali

    Brian Opsahl – You have so many things wrong in your post. First, the idea that austerity doesn’t work is completely ridiculous. What you are essentially saying is that the private sector cannot grow on its own without massive injections of government help. Its absurd. You need to realize these things take time. In Greece, most of their austerity measures only took place within the last year or two. Even in Keynesian world, economies don’t turn around that fast.

    Second, excessive socialistic programs are exactly what caused Spain and Greece to go under in the first place! So the idea to want even moresocialistic programs is equally absurd.

  6. Socialistic? How about those austeritistic programs in the UK? Working like a charm!?

    FYI: Greece is in the economic dumper due to rampant tax evasion and corruption.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    So the fact that in those Countrys where the ultra rich wasn’t paying anywhere close to there fair share of the tax burden had nothing to do with what caused the problem in the first case.
    Show me just one Country that cut there way to prominince. just one…!!
    What im saying is massive cutting called (austerity) has never worked so far…everybody keeps trying but all they end up with is a broken economy…..hence Spain,Greece and the many others who have tried.

    If the Republicans hadn’t run our economy in the dirt in the first place we wouldn’t be going through this would we…?

  8. “This is something we will not give up on because we are not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the American people.”
    Paul Ryan

  9. Neftali

    The UK is doing far better than Spain and Greece. In the long term the UK will be in a far better position as long as they continue to elect conservative Prime Ministers.

    Further, what legislation did Republicans do that “ran our economy in the dirt?”

    Bush tax cuts? Nope, that can’t be it. If it was, why did Obama make 90% of them permanent?

    War spending? Let’s see, defense spending is only about 5% of GDP, no where near enough to make a huge difference either way. (For comparison’s safe, remember that defense spending was almost 1/2 the government budget in the 60’s, compared to about 20% today.)

    Regulations? Like what? Repealing Glass-Steagal? That happened under Clinton. Derivatives markets? They were never regulated to begin with. Government Sponsored Entities pushing subprime loans? That was the Democrats doing. Bush even tried to regulate the GSE’s, but got turned down by the liberals. If anything, Bush should be faulted for not trying hard enough. How about credit agencies doing a shoddy job with their rating for housing securities? Can you really blame either political party for that?

    So what did Republicans do to run economy in the dirt? Put up or shut up.

  10. Neftali

    LD – There is a video for that quote. Ryan did mistakenly say that. But if you believe it, you are just as stupid as the right wingers who believe Obama thinks there is 57 states.

  11. Ryan is too much in love with Ayn Rand. Between reading Atlas Shrugged several times a day and getting instructions from the Koch foundation he’s unable to ascertain anything that makes sense. In his little bubble world the election really didn’t count. Guess it’s time for another lesson from old Joe.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    I asked you to give me just one successful Austerity Country….
    Are you serious about what Republicans did to ruin our economy …?
    GW Bush was handed a BUDGET SURPLUS was he NOT ….Budget Surplus …now exactly how many Republicans can say THAT…!! None thats how many ….if you want good paying jobs and a smokin economy Your Republicans are the really bad at this. And My Democrats have proven success….see Bill Clintons job record …then look at Ws he only lost some 8 million jobs under his watch….just about as many people that were killed because of the idiot..in charge called W

  13. Neftali

    Look no further than Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for austerity success stories. Details here:


    So your main complaints against Bush are 1. Budget deficits 2. Good paying jobs/economy 3. War deaths.

    Let’s break these down.

    1. First, budget deficits didn’t ruin the country. Second, the budget deficits under Obama are 3 times worse than under Bush. I hate deficits too, but it just because Bush ran some deficits doesn’t mean its okay for Obama to make it worse.

    2. Jobs/Economy – Lots to discuss here, but the economy in the late 90’s can largely be attributed to the dot com boom. Stocks were overinflated, then the bubble burst early under Bush’s watch. Hardly a result of Bush policies. Its like some right wingers trying to blame the economy on Obama when he took office. It was ridiculous. But what can be stated is that Bush kept the economy going fairly well with unemployment consistently under 6%, and usually under 5%. Obama has proven to be the worse President ever in terms of recovery after a recession. For comparison’s sake, Reagan also had high unemployment in his first year in office, but Reagan brought the unemployment down. Can’t say so much about Obama.

    3. War – This has been discussed ad nauseum on this site, but the fact is the Democratic leaders consistently voted for the war, and early on they shared the same opinions as most world leaders as far as the satus of WMD’s in Iran. Yet for some odd reason, Democrats don’t want to accept responsibility.

    So again, what did Republicans do to run economy in the dirt?

  14. Neftali

    If you need proof about my comment about Obama being the worse post-recession President ever, check this out:


  15. Brian Opsahl

    As for the War and the Democrats that voted for it ….Bush purposly missled Congress and pretty much all of America as is coming out now. He lied to Collin Powell …who quit when he found out. Who you trying to crap here Sir..! Iraq cost over a trillion dollars …It was Chenny and Bush who pushed us in that total mess. Mr Obama has had to spend everything he had to FIX the mess he was left with…get your head out of the sand SIR…!!

  16. Brian Opsahl

    Really Mr.Obama didn’t bring the unemployment down….Really it’s at 7.7 percent after your Bush destroyed it..

  17. Neftali

    Brian – Your Bush Derangement syndrome is getting worse with every comment.

    Bush didn’t purposely mislead anyone. For the millionth time, Democrats had the same opinions because they had the same access to the same intelligence information. Almost all of our allies also had the same opinions based upon the same information. To think otherwise, as you apparently do, makes even more stupid than I previously thought.

    As far as unemployment goes, your number doesn’t include the people that have stopped looking for work. The real number is the labor participation rate, which is around 63%, and hasn’t changed much. The fact is that labor participation been terrible under Obama.


  18. Craig Knauss


    It looks like you shot yourself in both feet. The graph you posted from NPR at 2:52 plots the % of job losses “Relative to the Peak Employment Month”. The Peak Employment Month was probably about March 2007 (based on BLS data) and is shown on the your graph as 0.0%. Obama didn’t take office until about 23 months later (Jan. 2009), which is about where the graph bottoms out. The slope trend is upward from about that point on.

    Apparently you have forgotten that the rapidly rising unemployment in 2008, due to the 2007 crash, was a big reason Obama got elected.

    Thank you and I hope you can walk again soon.

  19. Regarding the Iraq War resolution, 57 percent of the Democrats in the two houses of Congress voted against it, while 97 percent of the Republicans voted for it.

    It was a Republican war.

  20. Neftali

    Pat – 57% is a pretty sizable chunk. I’ve seen you post statistics to help your arguments where you state a “plurality” of Republicans are for something, but by a smaller percentage. (Like 52% or whatever…) If you want to help your side, I suppose you could say something like “more Democrats have admitted that voting for Iraq was a mistake.” Otherwise, 57% is nearly a super-majority. (I know your stat includes both chambers, but you get my point.) Democrats are equally culpable.

    Craig – Good observation on the graph, but notice how elongated that red line is? Now compare that to other recoveries where we have a much sharper trend upwards. The point is that with ever other recovery, it happened much quicker. Not so much with Obama. For a comparison, look at Reagan’s 1981 purple line, and how sharp that recovery was.

  21. Brian Opsahl

    Nef…I lost over 150,000 when your Bush ran things. Where were you in 2007 when the entire Nation was holding on by the seat of our pants thanks to Bushs bright idea to cut taxes not once but twice while fighting 2 wars …one that he flat out lied to us about and cost us taxpayers over 1 trillion dollars. In fact Bush never did pay for those wars he handed that bill to Mr. Obama remember…!!
    Since we all know that your Bush was handed a budget surplus, and then squandered it on his rich oil buddy’s (Halliburton) tax breaks…remember that one …and then remember what he handed off to President Obama…?
    History will remember my friend I lived it …you clearly are confused.

  22. Neftali

    Brian….calm down. Take a deap breath. Relax. it will be okay. Busy isn’t out to steal your babies in the middle of the night. Just count to 10. You are a good person. People like you. You just need help for your BDS. Its quite common with liberals.

  23. Neftali

    Blah. Bush..not busy. Stupid autocorrect….

  24. Nef: Take another swig of that Republican Kool-Aid. Maybe someday you will wise up to the disaster that the Republican party is.

    The Republicans can’t govern this country, so they are like Nef, and they put the blame for all their mistakes on the Democrats. Nef wasted his day trying to save the Republicans and his hero GWB from the history books.

    Nef: The Republicans could care less about you or the American people. All they care about is the corporations. They are using people like you as a sucker. Wise up!!

  25. Brian Opsahl

    Before the election Republicans said wait till after the election…let the American people decide said Paul Ryan there is a clear choice of two differant paths he said…
    Now the election is over and they lost and now Ryan is going back on all that he said (typical republican) …Mr. Ryan we did choose a path and it’s cristal clear that path is NOT the Republicans, so let them at least try there plan ….nope, nothing but more of the same old tired crap we all voted against.
    91 % of Americans want background checks for gun purchases …100 % of the Republicans voted against the bill to make that happen. Who exactly doe’s the republicans work for …The NRA or the American people.

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