Will Matt Lauer be fired from the “Today” show?


To the extent that the morning shows on network TV deal with political news, stuff like this merits this blog’s attention:

The New York Times is reporting that NBC’s “Today” show has fallen behind ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the ratings, and that Matt Lauer’s likeability among viewers has been sinking of late.

The story is HERE:

[I]t is clear that the once-popular host’s relationship with his audience is in peril. Last April, Mr. Lauer signed a contract said to be worth $25 million a year,  the most lucrative deal in the 60-year history of morning television. And then the bottom fell out.

The following week, “Today” fell to second place in the morning ratings for the first time in 16 years. When his co-host, Ann Curry, was forced out over the summer, it was Mr. Lauer and not network executives who shouldered most of the blame.

Since then, his popularity among viewers has plummeted and NBC has been forced to deny what was unthinkable a year ago: the rumor that Mr. Lauer, 55, who first took over the co-host chair in 1997, could soon be replaced by a younger host like Willie Geist, 37, or David Gregory, 42.

Mr. Lauer’s year is a lesson in how a combination of missteps — NBC’s and his own — can precipitate a star’s fall. NBC News is still, by some measures, the No. 1 network news division in America, and it will emphasize that point at a presentation for advertisers in New York on Thursday. But the continuing struggles of “Today” threaten to overshadow the network’s strength at other times of day.


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    Lauer should go. The Today Show should go. NBC should definitely GO AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!

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