Big surprise: Scott Walker has presidential ambitions!


Before you read THIS, bear in mind that the last time a Wisconsin right-winger appeared on a Republican presidential ticket — I think it was just last year, if memory serves — he couldn’t carry his home state or even his home town:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged in an interview Friday that he’s open to a presidential bid and pointedly declined to pledge to serve a full four-year term if he’s reelected next year.

Walker insisted he was visiting Iowa in May only because he was invited by Gov. Terry Branstad. But when pressed about his White House ambitions, the Wisconsin Republican said: “Would I ever be [interested]? Possibly. I guess the only thing I’d say is I’m not ruling it out.”

Perhaps even more notably, Walker wouldn’t commit to serving throughout a second four-year term. He said his focus is on substance, not longevity.

“For me, it’s really a measure of what I’ve accomplished and what more I could accomplish if I was in a different position,” Walker told POLITICO at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he spoke Saturday morning.



  1. Amazing what one can hope to accomplish with a high school diploma.

  2. It will take a lot to repair Obama’s destruction of america.

  3. shawnnews

    Tell us how Obama has destroyed America.

  4. Brian Opsahl

    Jim do the math…8= years of Clinton left you with 23 million new jobs and a budget surplus and no military deaths even though we did an air war in the Balkins.
    Your Bush in 8 short years undid all of that getting 3000 Americans killed then starting war with Iraq on lies that got over 100,000 inocent Iraqs killed. Then his dumbest move of all cutting taxes NOT once but twice while at war with 2 Countrys ….thats economic dissaster waiting to happen and it did.
    Now how would you describe what Bush handed off to Mr. Obama ….and slowly but surly we are recovering from those Bush misstakes are we not….and he’s doing all of this without a single Republicans help. So there you go !! just the Facts Sir

  5. Well Brian, I guess that makes you a 9/11 truther.
    History repeats itself,

  6. Brian Opsahl

    The truth is all i ever seek my friend. Are you saying that it did not happen or…what are you saying..?
    over 3000 Americans were killed on 911 when GW Bush had a memo on his desk from Condoleza Rice 6 months before that Sep.day that stated OBL was planning an aircraft terrorist attack and had his cells already operating here. FACT..!
    So yea I guess that makes me a truther as you call it …Not to be compared to the complete dissrepect that the asshole Trump puts on out President…Right..!!

  7. Brian Opsahl

    Every single economist warned Bush Not to cut taxes during war time. He and that assbag Chenney did it anyway and just look what happened….exactly as they said it would the economy under Bush collapsed…along with just about everything else at the same time…
    Including my 401k that friggin idiot cost me to work another ten years instead of the 3 years that I would have had left..
    Why is it that all the big money scandels happen under Republican Presidents …Remember the savings and loan under Reagan/Bush …never trust your money with the Republicans thats for sure…i’m living proff of that

  8. There was always intelligence about possible attacks from the 90’s right up to today.
    Please show me where in that memo where an attack using aircraft as missiles was documented.
    Bush released the PSB, now that was transparency.
    No a truther believes it was an inside job, sorry I misunderstood your assertion.
    So no comment about the Bush\Obama cuts?
    Yea those were bad years 4 and 5 percent unemployment. What killed us and
    I am sure I lost much more than you, was the fed giving home loans to anyone who could breathe and both parties were at fault.

  9. Brian Opsahl

    Both partys were at fault only one was making most of the decissions,and if we dissagreed with them we were accused of being un-patriotic…I was there.
    I hate GW Bush/Chenney but I could never accuse them of anything other than being stupid.
    I lost over 150 K thanks to what happened and I will never forget this time…like the Savings and Loan scandle …we just kind of forgot how the Banks and Senators like Mcain and his likes took millions then had all us taxpayers pay it all back…Bastards

  10. Brian you are crazy if you think the Republicans are any more to blame than the Democrats. You are an ever bigger idiot for believing crap about the Republicans being the party of the rich.

    Take a look at the net worth of almost any high profile Democrat over the last 2 decades.

    It always amazes me that you libs are so enamored of politicians and the good that you believe that government will do in your lives. If you think the war on drugs has failed take a look at the success of the war on poverty and study in detail the thriving liberal utopia of Detroit.

  11. shawnnews

    Here you go, Wilson. The FBI in Phoenix warned the national office of seudents attending flight schools with possible terrorist connections.


    They still had their head in the sand about going to Iraq.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    Doc, you can’t be serious that Republicans are not the party for the rich..really..!!
    I am not a rocket scientist but I have been around along time, of course the Republican party is for the rich, doe’s nothing but fight tooth and nail for the rich. What the hell are talking about..?
    Who’s tax breaks are they holding up everything for..

  13. Brian,

    They just passed a tax increase on the rich and maintained a tax cut for everyone else.

  14. Brian Opsahl

    Your trying to claim that was a Republican sponcered idea…?
    or a compromise vote…?

  15. Thanks shawnnews can you direct me to the actual intelligence that Bush new they were going to crash into the World Trade center and the date this was to happen?
    “It was not the only signal FBI headquarters missed. Just weeks later, agents in Minnesota told headquarters of the arrest of suspected terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui at a flight school in St. Paul, suggesting he might be planning to hijack a plane and crash it into the World Trade Center.”
    This was an opinion from ABC news after the fact.
    Next we will hear that Bush had intelligence that an attack in Libya was eminent.
    I would assume the best explanation was that Bush was too dumb to realize that the intelligence was very specific.

  16. Brian Opsahl

    Wilson , 6 full months before 911 Condoleza Rice put a memo on his desk…UBL has terrorist cells already in the States planning an aircraft attack…and with that he did absolutely nothing
    I know,I know he was real busy cutting trees at his ranch in Texas….

  17. Brian, look what I dug up
    “. During his eight years in the White House, President Clinton over saw an Iraq policy that killed over 350,000-500,000 children via sanctions, repeatedly bombed Iraq out of concern over WMD, and made regime change the official policy of the United States.”

    That is less than the 100k you put on Bush, I guess it is more human to starve children.
    And from the notorious Wiki
    “Albright interview
    On May 12, 1996, Madeleine Albright (then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations) appeared on a 60 Minutes segment in which Lesley Stahl asked her “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” and Albright replied “we think the price is worth it.”
    Again I ask, show me the “memo”

  18. Brian Opsahl

    I watched as Mrs. Rice explained the memo she gave to her boss (Bush) on TV …it’s pretty commin knowledge…

    Rachel Maddow did a special on the war that was very informative..and truthful

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