How’s this for a stupid question?


The cartoon above came to mind as I was watching CNN this morning.

Correspondent Joe Johns was doing a piece on this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington, and he made passing reference to a speech from last night in which Jeb Bush sounded themes that were somewhat less rabidly right-wing than most of the other oratory at the conference (see HERE).

Johns then turned to Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who appeared on-screen in a live feed from the CPAC doings and asked him this question:

“Is there still room for staunch conservatives like you in the Republican Party?”

I didn’t hear King’s response, mainly because I was shouting at my TV.

Is there still room for Steve King in the Republican Party? A better question is whether there is still room for the likes of Jeb Bush, who’s a far cry from even the GOP moderates of not so long ago (Reps. John B. Anderson and Lynn Martin, for example).

The core of today’s Republican Party is so far to the right that CPAC didn’t invite Chris Christie and is anathema to what Ronald Reagan stood for (see HERE.) So, yeah, Steve King is anything but a pariah.

Maybe Joe Johns merely had a brain cramp when he asked King whether there’s still room for his extremist likes in the GOP. But the fact that it was a stupid question speaks volumes about the current condition of what once was known as the party of Lincoln.



  1. I think it is so awesome that you spend so much time and energy worrying about the future of the Republican party.

  2. doc: I’m glad to be of help. Kool-Aid drinkers like you aren’t going to save the GOP from falling off the deep end. We need a vibrant two-party system. The direction the Republican Party is taking is a threat to the American body politic.

  3. Kool-Aid drinkers?

    You are such a dope.

  4. Is King a product of gerrymandering or is his district just intellectually challenged? What an embarrassment for Iowa.

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