Reading from a Teleprompter, Sarah Palin mocks President Obama for using a Teleprompter


The chuckleheads at the Conservative Political Action Conference nearly soiled themselves with delight the other day as they guffawed at this snarky comment from Sarah Palin about Barack Obama:

“Mr. President, we admit it: you won. Accept it. Now step away from the Teleprompter and do your job.”

Of course, this was just the latest in a long line of such comments from right-wingers who seem to think that none of their heroes use Teleprompters.

The irony — nay, hypocrisy — in this case is that Palin’s speech to the CPAC crowd was read from a Teleprompter, as the photo above makes clear.

There’s nothing ignoble about using a Teleprompter. The device is simply a  substitute for text or notes written on paper or cards. On at least one occasion, Sarah Palin found herself without a Teleprompter and referred instead to notes she had written on the PALM OF HER HAND.

Every American president in the past 50 years has used Teleprompters, as have all the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees. Even Ronald Reagan, the so-called Great Communicator, regularly used Teleprompters — and occasionally mangled his verbiage when he didn’t have one.

Here are few photos of prominent politicians using Teleprompters:










  1. C’mon Pat, you know that republicans can do whatever they want and things are only wrong when a democrat does it.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    I thought she hates those promters….?

  3. Michael Fitzgerald

    Obama cannot say hello to his kids without a teleprompter. The big question is, who writes the words he reads?

  4. Not you, that’s for sure.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Palin is a joke on the Republican party that just keeps giving and giving…
    If she looked like Lynn Martin nobody would have ever even known her name…

  6. Brian: Palin’s support among a relatively narrow slice of the American populace is a fascinating socio-political phenomenon.

    Many, if not most, of her admirers see ger as a bulwark against intellectualism, urbanism and cultural diversity. She often speaks of the “real Americans,” and the yahoos love her for it.

    I think she’s one of the most interesting political personalities of our time. Ultimately, she’s a tragic figure who seems not to realize that there is no way on earth she could ever become president.

    Last year, when the race for the Republican nomination was at the peak of its craziness, with a new front-runner every week, Palin seemed to be waiting for her fans to arise and anoint her as the party’s savior. When it didn’t happen, her disappointment was palpable.

    As I see it, her only future is to quit taking herself seriously and become, instead, a willful parody of herself. With a clever writer, she could become a great comedian. And then we all could love her.

  7. Pat, I’m not so sure she needs any other writer than whom ever she has now. Remember the Tina Fey portrayal of Palin on SNL? Palin’s speech was read verbatim by Fey and it got plenty of laughs.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    I love Tina Feys interpitation, I think she now is just out for the money. Her chance of ever getting the Republicans nomination for President ended when she quit the Alaskian Governorship.
    Her gig on Fox was just a joke…

  9. Todd: But she still takes herself seriously. She still thinks she has something important to contribute to the American political dialogue.

    If she would just assume the persona of someone who is in on the joke, we would all embrace her — except, of course, for the rubes who have seen her as a valiant saint. Those folks would feel betrayed. But so what?

  10. Miss Big Gulp will haunt old McCain for the rest of his life.

  11. Brian Opsahl

    He said Gulp…:)

  12. Good point………she’s not in on the joke.

  13. Sodakhic

    My you libs are dense. Palin is making the point that Obama is continually in campaign mode behind the TPT. Not to hard to figure out if you took an oral interpretation class. Where is your proof she was using the TPT?

  14. Cute Pat. Next time, before you use what appears to be a photoshoped picture of Palin at the CPAC, you might bother yourself to do the littlest amount of research before you make a fool of yourself. Your “coverage” of Palin at CPAC is not coverage. It’s a cheap attack for something she didn’t do. Conservatives like her are used to that kind of attention though. It only serves to stir up the lemmings here. And works every time. Give yourself a big pat on the back. (no pun intended)

    Watch her deliver the speech, hell, look at the papers in front of her on the podium in your own picture, and watch her as she turns those pages. It’s too bad you missed some of the good points (or any points) she made. So as far as little barking dogs go, you’re right up there with the best of them.

    Here, force yourself for a few minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkRw4EOwY2g And look real close for that teleprompter, and for her turning pages.

  15. Brian Opsahl

    I watched her speech, she worked the crowd, making a comment about her “Rack”
    She is a very attractive Women. She made several smartass comments to fire up her base.
    But thtas where it ends for the quiting Governor from Alaska. All looks no brains

  16. Ross Calloway: You are wrong, Kool-Aid Breath. The photo above was not Photo-shopped.

    For another shot of the Teleprompter, click on this link and scroll down:


    For another, click on this link:


    You can find more if you Google the words “Palin,” “CPAC” and “Teleprompter” (without the quotation marks. You’ll find lots of photos of Palin using a Teleprompter at CPAC and other forums.

  17. Ross Calloway: On the following link, you’ll find a photo of Palin using a Teleprompter at the CPAC doings — and eight other photos of her using Teleprompters on other occasions.


  18. Brian Opsahl

    What the heck is her obsession with teleprompters…?
    What a hypocrit…!!

  19. Such class wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and hooker shoes.

  20. Pat, if your research depends on the pic you have, you will know why I said that it “appears” to be photoshoped. That’s because in the video, there is no teleprompter that “appears” as close to the podium as your pic does. There are teleprompters several feet from the podium. Also, I’m not the one claiming that she used it. You, and the rest of your links you provide are the ones saying that. Unlike you, I watched the whole thing. Twice. Once live, and then in the video that I linked to. It “appears” to me that she is reading from her notes and, is confident in what she believes and is saying.

    Now, if you want to compare her and Obama’s teleprompter use, I’m game. It is clear to most people that w/o a teleprompter, Barack has trouble getting past uhh and umm. He either isn’t sure of what his beliefs are or, he can’t say it without cloaking it in carefully crafted deceptive terminology that the teleprompter and a speech writer can provide. He reads a great speedh. Why do you think he isn’t fond of doing press conferences without pre-chosen reporters with pre-screened questions? Does Palin do that? He’s incompetent on many levels, except community organizing. He’s a genius at that. Now do me a small favor. Look at the video, watch her looking down at her notes, turning physical pages, before you drink from the same glass as your sources. Just as sure as you are that she was dependent on the teleprompter, I’m not as sure that she was. But if you’re going to make a case of hypocrisy for using one, you’re going to have to do better than that.

  21. Palin can best serve her fans by pole dancing around the teleprompter.

  22. “Of course, this was just the latest in a long line of such comments from right-wingers who seem to think that none of their heroes use Teleprompters.”

    On the contrary Pat. You missed the point too! It means that Obama should stop campaigning and start showing some leadership in being a President, and DOING HIS JOB. Get it now? Yet?

  23. Brian Opsahl

    So your compairing the big gulp slurping,Governor quiting,fox fired,slut shoe wearing,hypocritical,I can see Russia from my back yard. hottie. to the POTUS ….Mr. Obama has more class in his little finger than said Palin..are you crazy Sir..?

  24. That you Palin haters can’t stay on subject here is amazing. Thanks for the entertainment.

  25. Brian Opsahl

    Yea Ross, Do the math…Palin quit mid term as Governor, lost as the V.P. canidate got fired from Fox, and they only thing interesting she talks about now is her Rack…really..!!

  26. Ross Calloway: The ridiculous whining among you right-wingers about Obama “always campaigning” was addressed here more than a month ago:


  27. Ross Calloway: Upon further research regarding the question of whether Palin read from Teleprompters in her CPAC speech, I am more convinced than ever that she did.

    My evidence is two-fold:

    1. A study of the video to which you’ve offered a link clearly shows that there were Teleprompters to Palin’s left and right. She occasionally turns the pages in front of her, as you note, but she’s never shown reading from them. Those pages apparently were intended as back-up in case the Teleprompter broke down. That’s a common practice. During nearly all of her speech, she faced either the right or the left , where the Teleprompters were positioned.

    Your reference to her turning of pages implies that she was reading from them. If that were true — and it’s not — that would be no different than reading from a Teleprompter, would it? Reading is reading. But clearly she was NOT reading from them. That makes the page-turning irrelevant in the final analysis — since the Teleprompter didn’t break down.

    2. On Palin’s own Facebook page, there’s a gallery of photos of her appearance at the CPAC doings, and several of them clearly show Teleprompters next to the podium while she’s speaking. I suppose you’re going to argue that she had her own Facebook page Photoshopped to embarrass herself.

    And as for your disparagement of Obama’s ability to speak without a Teleprompter, that’s just silly. He expressed himself well enough to win two of his three debates with Mitt Romney. He did well enough to win most of his debates with Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008.

    Your implication that Palin is a better communicator than Obama is beyond preposterous. Only a brainless wingnut would think so.

    Ross, you’re just a hopeless Obamaphobe.

  28. Very good Pat. That’s the point Palin made. For a minute there, I thought you were just wrapped around the axle with her using a teleprompter.

  29. I forgot to post this in my previous comment. It should make more sense to you now.
    ” The ridiculous whining among you right-wingers about Obama “always campaigning” was addressed here more than a month ago:”

    Very good Pat. That’s the point Palin made. For a minute there, I thought you were just wrapped around the axle with her using a teleprompter.

  30. Ross Calloway: Here’s something else for you to check:


    I already saw that. You’re beginning to repeat yourself.

  31. And, btw, if it was more than a month ago about Obama always campaigning that was addressed here, then you missed this from Jim Messina. Less than a month ago. I don’t know. Is this what you call whining? http://bit.ly/YJm01U

  32. Brian Opsahl

    At least she didn’t write crib notes on her palm like she did earlier in her speaking engagements…lol

  33. Ross: You’re so naive!

  34. Fox fired Palin because she couldn’t respond intelligently to spontaneous questions or comments that would enhance the image of the Republican party. In other words she’s dumb***.

  35. Pat:Just able to see the forest from the trees.

  36. Ross: Yeah, you can see lots of things that most other people can’t see.

    And if you visit your good friend Sarah Palin, you can see Russia from her house. At least, that’s what she says. And I know you hang on her every word, even when she’s reading from a Teleprompter, which is usually the case.

  37. Brian Opsahl

    You can’t blame Sarah for cashing in on her imence popularity and very good looks, but when she gets off her scripted words her low i.q. shows big time. Remember the story she told about Paul Reveres ride, or when she had to be told the Queen of England is not the Governing body. But hey she has parlaied her imaige into a multi million dollar empire. She is doing something right..!!
    What doe’s it say about her followers..?

  38. Don’t forget the country of Africa and our North Korean allies.

  39. “you can see Russia from her house. At least, that’s what she says.” Pat: You believe too much of what isn’t true. Tina Fay said that. And the lemmings, of which you seem to be a card carrying member now, jumped all over it. Repeat it long enough and often enough, you’ll fall for it. Obama knows that. Just seeing the forest from the trees Pat.

  40. Brian Opsahl

    Ross, thats true it was Tina Fey…But what about all the rest of it..hmm
    The crib notes on her palm.
    The Paul Revere thing.
    The Queen thing.
    The tele prompter
    Quiting the Goverorship 1/2 way in
    Fired from Fox
    our allies the North Koreans..?
    what about all those truths, are you seeing the forest from the trees Mr. Ross..?

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