A prominent columnist apologizes for having been wrong about the war in Iraq


The example set HERE by David Ignatius should be emulated by certain other people I could name:

Ten years ago this week, I was covering the U.S. military as it began its assault on Iraq. As I read back now over my clips, I see a few useful warnings about the difficulties ahead. But I owe readers an apology for being wrong on the overriding question of whether the war made sense.

Invading Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein a decade ago was one of the biggest strategic errors in modern American history. We’ll never know whether the story might have been different if better planning had been done for “the day after,” or the Iraqi army hadn’t been disbanded, or several other “ifs.” But the abiding truth is that America shouldn’t have rolled the dice this way on a war of choice.


Most Iraqis despised Saddam because, in addition to torturing their sons and daughters, he had taken their dignity. But many came to loathe America, as well, because for all our talk of democracy, we damaged their sense of honor and independence. As the Arab world proves over and over, from Palestine to Benghazi, people who are penniless in terms of material possessions would rather die than lose their sense of honor to outsiders.



  1. Bush the recluse and dog painter pretty much tells it all. What a terrible thing perpetrated on the American public.

  2. Craig Knauss

    A lot of the same arguments could be applied to Vietnam. Our justification back then was the “domino theory”. If Vietnam fell, ALL of SE Asia would go communist.

    Well, Vietnam DID fall and now is one of our trading partners. And communist China is one of our (second?) biggest trading partners. And the only other countries that went communist did so WHILE we were fighting the war, not after we left.

    So where will our next bloody, costly screw-up be?

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