Joe the Plumber is still out there somewhere? Who knew?


One of the minor missteps made by Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign was during a visit to Ohio, where he answered questions from a guy named Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, whose pseudo-profound grasp of politics and economics  led him to conclude that Obama was a socialist.

That characterization greatly pleased John McCain, who immediately  recruited Wurzelbacher as a campaign mascot of sorts and dubbed him Joe the Plumber. Before long, McCain was invoking Joe’s pearls of wisdom in his debates with Obama — but to no avail, in the final analysis. McCain lost to Obama in an electoral landslide, and Joe the Plumber faded into relative obscurity.

Joe ran for Congress last year in a district in Ohio, but was defeated by a margin of more than 2-to-1. The rest of America barely noticed.

I had pretty much forgotten about Joe the Plumber until I ran across a reference to his having recently unburdened himself of his views on gay marriage, the legalization of which he likens to a “slide down the sewer.”

As for whether Joe’s homophobic screed is ghostwritten,  you can decide for yourself HERE.



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