Almost everywhere I turn this week, the rhetoric on the political right conjures violence


It’s been quite a week.

I had to ban a certain commenter from this blog the other day after he approvingly referred to “American citizens who [would] have no problem shooting at the government if they try to take their guns away…” and who said he was “willing to die” in defense of his absolutist reading of the  Second Amendment and who said in another forum that he wishes the president of the United States did not have Secret Service protection.

And then yesterday, I ran across these comments from the right-wing Web site Free Republic in reaction to the assassination of Tom Clements, the head of the Colorado prison system, who had supported a certain gun-control measure in his state (which, according to the nutcases, made him an “oathbreaker”):

At some point, I expect this sort of thing to be quite common.


And yet, these oathbreaking tyrants continue to act as if they can trample people’s Constitutional rights with impunity, and remain unscathed.

The only thing that protects oathbreakers, in reality, is the longsuffering of the American people, and our reticence to take life while abuses can still be suffered. But there will come a point when that will no longer be enough to protect the oathbreakers, and they will lose their lives as surely as this man did.


But there will come a point when that will no longer be enough to protect the oathbreakers, and they will lose their lives as surely as this man did.


Bureaucratic fragging?

Sadly, it may well come to that. Don’t know that this guy “deserved” it, or why he got it.

But when the oppressed finally decide that the oppressors are never going to let up, just get worse and worse, they might well make it open season on elected officials and executive/administrative bureaucrats.

As the US (should have) learned in Nam & the Soviets in Afghanistan, guerrilla warfare is nearly impossible to beat. It’s like playing Smack a Mole. Something DHS, with all of its hubris, is going to discover when it clamps down on the general populace. And it will. When, not if.


Sorry to hear this but NOT surprised.

The surprising thing to me is that more gub mint types aren’t offed.

Or their families. Specially when they continue to f with peoples lives.


Law enforcement had better have some serious discussions with the gun grabbing politicians. LE wants law abiding gun owners on their side.

And then later yesterday, I came across a right-winger whose Facebook profile image depicted an Obama campaign logo with bullet holes in it:


Yeah, it’s getting pretty weird out there these days.



  1. Conservative Mark

    Better to be a right-winger nutjob than a left-winger with no nuts or jobs.

  2. thehereandnow1

    Yeah, I suppose we should all just take a hint from MSNBC and spend all our time making fun of Mitt Romney’s black grandson. How about that Pat? Would that be better for you?

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