For your convenience: A handy, dandy chart of almost every Obama conspiracy theory


THIS is a few months old, so it doesn’t include some of the new theories that arise almost daily.



  1. Handy dandy guide used by Birchers and Birthers everywhere.

  2. I was never really a “Birther” until I went and looked at the eveidence that Arpio presented . After that I had to say well maybe he has something there ? When the eastern seaboard of the U.S was destroyed by hurricane Sandy and Trump offered him 5 million to the charity of his choice , that he could of donated to show his colledge records and passport . The president ignored it . Call me a birther, but then call me a law abiding citizen, a veteren, a tax payer, a constitutionalist and a patriot . Then go look at his birth certificate that was offered and see how Arpio points out the flaws .

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