Why has the Republican National Committee suddenly become so godless?


Just thought you ought to know about THIS:

The Republican National Committee this week unveiled a lengthy report, providing an “autopsy” of what went wrong in 2012, and offering a blueprint for how the party can get back on track. The RNC’s vision covers quite a bit of ground, detailing possible plans on procedure, tactics, strategy, outreach, and just a pinch of policy.

But to an almost surprising degree, the Republican National Committee’s plan is entirely secular. The “Growth and Opportunity” report uses the word “Reagan” six times, but there are literally zero references to God, Christianity, and/or the Bible. For a party that has spent several decades claiming to be the arbiter of morality and “family values,” the RNC’s secularism was unexpected.

And for the religious right, disappointing. McKay Coppins had an interesting report on this, asking, “When the great Republican resurrection comes to pass, will conservative Christians be left behind?”

The RNC’s Sean Spicer defended the report, arguing that the report ignored the religious right because the movement has “always done a fabulous job,” so the party doesn’t see this as an area in need of attention.

The truth is more complicated, and for the party, more politically perilous.

Reince Priebus has spent a fair amount of time lately reflecting on 2012, and it seems clear that he sees the Republicans’ culture war as an electoral loser — the American mainstream, and especially younger voters, just don’t hate gay people, reproductive rights, and the separation of church and state the way the GOP base does. To grow the party, Republicans won’t just have to change the way they talk about issues, they’ll very likely to have to change which issues they’re talking about.

It’s why the RNC’s report also makes no mention of “abortion,” “marriage,” “religion,” or even “pro-life.” These aren’t the issues that will help the party become more competitive on a national level.

But this is where the Republicans’ identity crisis gets tricky. Reince Priebus wants to use religious right activists as the party’s grassroots base — there just aren’t enough oil company lobbyists to work phone banks and engage in door-to-door activism — but also wants to pretend the religious right agenda isn’t at the core of the party. For the movement, this isn’t good enough.

Reince Priebus also wants to signal to the American mainstream that his party isn’t dominated by culture warriors, and the GOP’s support for a right-wing social agenda is purely superficial…



  1. Why has the RNC suddenly became so Godless? Simple answer Pat. The RNC have opened their eyes after seeing the success that the DNC has with the Godless voting public!

  2. Chuck: Congratulations! Your record of never having submitted an even remotely intelligent comment here remains intact.

  3. If they are serious about winning moving forward, that report is a good start. People are sick of being preached to by old, white men that think they know what is best for everyone.

    This is a great step forward if the Republican party embraces the ISSUES and not the Bible.

  4. Subtle message to the likes of Bachmann and Santorum. Please don’t show up at the Iowa Caucus.

  5. cort kirkland

    Amazingly, or perhaps not- I have never heard of you, but I find it impossible for me to not question a journalist that bends towards the belief that there is an invisible man in the sky. I guess I could play it of that you are just an old dumb ass who doesn’t know any better, but times need to change so that people like you need to go away. Do you even understand what your job means? You report things that people already know. Impressive that you have been so long lived , now go away and leave the real world alone.

  6. Jim Kress

    They are not “godless”. They have decided to worship government as god, rather than the real God.

  7. danimal

    Let’s all boo God, the DNC paved the way already.

  8. Greg,
    The RNC and the Repubilicans are all about votes and about finding them in any direction the widn blows the hardes. It is sad, but true, this is the modern day political environment. However, the blame is not just with the RNC. It lies in the church itself. Christians have long ignored the politics of the day and have been far too protective of church and state separation for the sake of status. 501C3’s, nickels, and noses dictate the aura of pulpit and layity when it comes to issues of public concern.

    Christian silence has caused complacency in the pulpit and a sphere of apathetic congrgants that are comfortable in the pews. It is going to take some brave clergy and some braver layity to get us back to traditional conservativism and values of moral and legistative concerns. Steve Kehrer

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