Two ads featuring gun owner who favors background checks

These ads commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns are running in 13 states:





  1. “Gun Owner”…..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    As a commenter here said, “The only thing that guy has ever hunted was his SAG card.”

    A gun owner who has “owned a gun all (his) life” would probably not let himself be shown violating three gun safety rules. If he’s a real gun owner, then he’s the one we need to “stop….from buying guns”.

  2. Jaybo: It’s worse than you think.

    The actor is a card-carrying communist, his beard is fake, the voice is dubbed, the gun is a plastic Hollywood prop, the truck is Photoshopped, the kids in the background have been adopted by a gay couple and the whole thing is part of a devious scheme to emasculate America’s true patriots.

    Be afraid, Jaybo. Be very afraid.

  3. Pat hates it when his posts are proven to be a bunch of hooey.

  4. So spake the King of Hooey himself, who, by the way, uses the word “proven” rather loosely.

  5. When is your birthday anyway Pat? I have the perfect gift for you and I want to know when to send it.


    Scott Walker’s new book will be titled, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge” and is scheduled to appear in late 2013.

    The book will tell the story of Walker’s life and his recall battle with unions and Democrats following his legislation to repeal most collective bargaining for most public employees.

    “In ‘Unintimidated,’ Governor Walker will share the inside story of how the battle for Wisconsin was won — the reforms he enacted, the mistakes he made, the lessons he learned, and how those lessons can help conservatives win the battle for America,” according to a statement from the publisher.

    The book is being published by Sentinel, a conservative imprint of Penguin Group that has published other Republican authors including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The deal — its financial terms have not been disclosed — was negotiated by Sentinel president and publisher Adrian Zackheim and literary agent Glen Hartley of Writers’ Representatives, LLC.

    “This book tells the dramatic story of how one brave leader drove real change in his state, and what the rest of the country can learn from him,” Zackheim said in a statement. “It’s not just a memoir — it’s a call to action.”

  6. Brian Opsahl

    I bet it doesn’t tell about all the house holds that lost everything because i spend alot of time in Wisconsin I have talked to several lives he has ruined from his poloicies. Bet they dont tell that part..10,000 rick..!!

  7. Scott Walker’s policies saved jobs.

    The budget could have been balanced with jobs cut or with benefit changes that are minor compared to what has happened in the private sector. Act 10 returned control of the schools and budgeting to the hands of the local school boards and administrators. The same people who had been previously hamstrung by the teacher’s union are now free to manager their budgets and their districts as they see fit.


    Two years after state legislation rolled back collective bargaining for public employees and reshaped the state’s education landscape, several Milwaukee-area superintendents on Tuesday praised the overall effects, saying that relations with teachers are solid and that they have more flexibility to help improve student achievement.

    “We think it’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving for a while,” said Deborah Kerr, superintendent of the Brown Deer School District, during a panel Tuesday hosted by the Rotary Club of Milwaukee and co-sponsored by the Public Policy Forum.

    The caveats: Funding for schools and long-term district finances are still major issues, according to Kerr, Mequon-Thiensville Superintendent Demond Means and Hamilton School District Superintendent Kathleen Cooke.

    The changes originating under Gov. Scott Walker’s biennial budget from two years ago required public employees to contribute more to their pensions and health care benefits and allowed districts to make other changes without negotiating them with unions. The backlash from Democrats and public employee unions led to an unprecedented series of recall elections against state senators and Walker.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    The folks ive met hate Walker with a passion , and im sure the teachers your quoting are strong Republicans, remember what the exit polling showed and proved out to be true after the recall….They said they didn’t like Walker but didn’t think he should be recalled, and then they voted for Mr. Obama in the next election…just as they said they would Doc.

    The folks i met had there familys destroyed and ripped apart because one memeber thought his ideas good the others thought it was bad…hence destroying said familys..

    Taking away ones rights to bargin in good faith works great in China,Russia,Cuba if thats the life you chose..

    Maybe they will go after those high paid Doctors next…thats how this all works anyway…the big guys make more the little guys make less…

  9. You need to think about who made the culture in Wisconsin so devisive Brian.

    Nobody took away the right to bargain, they just took away the unions enormous power. Each teacher is free to negotiate their contract with their employer.

    Don’ worry about the high paid doctors either. Since I moved to Wisconsin, my salary had decreased nearly 30%. We project it will be another 6% next year. And guess what? I pay for 100% of my benefits and my employees benefits.


  10. Neftali

    Wisconsin – Lower property taxes, lower unemployment, schools stay open

    Illinois – Skyrocketing property taxes, rising unemployment, 54 Schools closing in Chicago.

    Illinois unemployment rate for February was 9.5%. Two months ago it was 8.6%. During the same three-month period the nation’s unemployment rate has steadily decreased to 7.7%

    The difference? Liberal rule vs. Conservative rule.

  11. Brian Opsahl

    Rippin a family apart (cause ive seen it) means more than a little money..
    Wisconsin led the Nation in un-employment for over a year…remember who was all those folks laid off ,oh yea you all forgot about them..

    Doc you think i give a crap what you do for your employees you act like lord over them i should send an organizer for professional sevices to speak with them. Dictators break Unions NOT free Countrys.

    The low wages that your Govenor seeks will be the demise towards the Southern States bad jobs low paying jobs leads to crime and civil destrution

    Republicans want us to race to the bottom
    Democrats race to the top….for all of us, NOT just the chosen few..like you Doc..!!

    Who will pay your salary when nobody can afford your rates Doc. Thats exactly why your getting less now…ah 30 % less

  12. Brian Opsahl

    The great standard of living we and you enjoy today is because of those labor Unions.
    The economy kicks but when you have a strong middle class. Look at all those people who would love to trade places with us. Look how we built our Nation up to the very best place to live in the world. That all happened because we had good paying jobs that led to more better paying job’s …..this is now being destroyed by Republicans that make a ton of money for themselves but don’t think they should share with the folks who helped them get it… read your history books…it’s in there but not if you live in Texas…they took that out of textbooks

  13. “Wisconsin led the Nation in un-employment for over a year”


    Where did I say I was “lording over” anything? You have some serious issues my friend.

  14. Brian Opsahl

    You didn’t I did..from your writings..I said it to piss you off…I hate when somebody thinks we should all make less..union haters beware

  15. I hate it when someone thinks we should all be taxed more.

    Instead, common sense reform saves us all money.


  16. By the way Brian, there is nothing you could post on this blog that would piss me off.



  17. jaybo is kind of right. You don’t sit and hold a gun with your finger on the trigger. The other thing is the clothes he is wearing are way to nice. Plus look at that beard. Way to metrosexual looking for a guy wearing a camo hat. If you going to play the part you have to look the part.

    All that said why not do background checks on every gun sale?

  18. Brian Opsahl

    pretty sure i already got you…Doc.
    How is it fair when most of the tax laws were wrote for guys like Mitt Romney and offshore havens to hide there money from paying their fair share ….

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