This guy says mainstream conservatism is dead, but libertarianism is alive and well


I don’t agree with all of A.J. Delgado’s argument, but I think it merits your consideration.

He says these three developments signal the death of mainstream conservatism:

1) Immigration reform is all but a foregone conclusion.

2) The gay marriage debate is essentially over.

3) The plan to defund ObamaCare — conservatives’ last stand after the Supreme Court failed to throw out the Act — is over.

Yet, despite these factors, Delgado comes to THIS CONCLUSION:

[A]ll is not lost for the Right. For ‘mainstream’ or ‘standard’ conservatism as we, or as our parents, knew it? Yes. But for a new, thoughtful, raw, and even purer, truer form of conservatism? This may just be the beginning. Libertarianism continues to make inroads in the movement and as that dust continues to settle, shake things up, and settle again, who knows where ‘conservatism’ will wind up by 2016, or even by the 2014 elections? And, regardless, there remains a whole host of issues on which the conservative battle remains strong: guns, taxes, entitlements* (*though it will be tough to ‘fight Santa Claus’ and, sure, we may never win a national election again — but I digress…), school choice, reducing the both the size and scope of government, defending religious freedom, abortion, and unions, to name a few. Do not despair, fellow conservatives! Chin up! Spirit of the Dambusters! Phoenix from the ashes! Hey, hmm, at least we have fewer battles to fight now!

Yes, March 2013 may be the death of a certain form of conservatism – but it may also be the birth of another.

The Grand Old Party needs both a funeral and a baby shower.


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