Poll finds U.S. military personnel turning against the Republican Party


It seems that the self-styled Gung-Ho Party is losing its appeal in certain quarters, as we see HERE:

The latest annual poll conducted by the Military Times has found that nearly one-third of U.S. military personnel identified themselves as Republicans, down from almost 50 percent in 2006, the Washington Times reported.

One soldier attributed the numbers to the Tea Party. “It may have to do with the rise of the Tea Party movement,” said a Marine lieutenant colonel who described himself as conservative.

“Republicans kind of used to be seen as the party that took care of the military,” said one Army sergeant first class. “But recently, there’s a feeling that that has kind of shifted, and I don’t think people feel that the party is really looking out for the military the way it used to.”



  1. Of course, the full survey said this:

    Just over one third of U.S. military personnel say they support the Republican Party, down from nearly a half in 2006, according to the latest annual Military Times poll.

    But the survey shows that underlying political attitudes among troops remain more or less unchanged, with a plurality of 41 percent continuing to describe themselves as “conservative” or “very conservative,” compared with 44 percent in 2006.

    Support for the Democrats remains low, the publication reports. About 14 percent of respondents to the latest poll call themselves Democrats, the same as in 2006.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/25/military-no-less-conservative-less-republican-surv/#ixzz2OrEpnloE
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  2. doc: The fact remains that the proverbial bloom is off the Republican rose among military people.

    And the fact remains that the Commander-in-Chief is still a Democrat.

    So put that in your right-wing pipe and smoke it.

  3. I don’t smoke and neither should you.

    The fact remains that the Commander-in-Chief is elected by the country and not the troops he leads. The troops continue to favor your Democratic brethren even less than they do the Republicans.

  4. Among soldiers, the Republican Party is less associated with their own idea of conservatism?

    8 years of Cheney and Bush and Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and Bremer will do that.

  5. Another thing to remember in all of this is that the military culture is strongest in the South, which is also the bastion of Republicanism.

    Military enlistments are disproportionately higher in the South and the Mountain West than in the Northeast, Midwest or Pacific West. There are more veterans and more military bases in the South.

    All of this, and the GOP’s penchant for hawkish foreign policies, naturally give Republicans a political leg up among military people.

    In light of those advantages, the results of the aforementioned poll are all the more remarkable.

  6. “I don’t smoke and neither should you.”

    The world would be a better place if everyone smoked. People need to just settle down and relax. To much anger in the world today. I know, if the three of us sat down and I rolled one up, the only thing we would disagree on is how many pizzas we need to order.

  7. Neftali

    So Democrats are going to take better care of the military than Republicans now?


  8. Neftali: To the extent that Democrats are less likely than Republicans to launch another stupid war, they will, as you say, take better care of the military — and the rest of us as well.

    You may not have noticed, but the trend in the GOP is that the militaristic establishment is fading as the anti-war libertarian wing gains ascendance. The John Wayne types are losing ground.

  9. On so many issues, the tide is turning against the hard-right Republicans. And, instead of realizing that and examining their policies and platforms, they are burying their head in the sand in the hope that the Great Candidate will emerge to save them. Ain’t gonna happen. It also could be that people are finally waking up and realizing that most of what’s espoused by the right-wing of the GOP is a bunch of nutjob blather.

    The GOP would be better served to move a touch to the center as there are a lot of younger voters who may swing a bit more fiscally conservative but are tired of having the stuck-in-the-50s” GOP tell them what to do with their bodies, in their bedrooms and who they should choose to marry.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    One got us in a war that had no real plan for what happened after we never found those weapons of mass destruction. The chaos and killing of Iraq citizens was a direct result of complete incompetence by Rumsfeld,Bush and Chenny and nobody else…how about that 1.3 trillion dollar mistake.
    Mr.Obama voted against this as a Senator, then ended it as President …how much both in lives and nblood money did he save us…from the Bush mistake republicans love to forget..

  11. Craig Knauss

    My unscientific analysis finds the split between Reps/Dems to be much closer to even. Probably closer to 60/40 than what the rightwing tells us. This is because I went to school with, worked with (DOD and elsewhere), socialized with, and was related to a lot of Vietnam combat vets. Even the more conservative vets were very critical of “chickenhawks” like Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, Buchannan, O’Reilly, Keyes, etc. Most vets are not overly critical of draft dodgers unless those draft dodgers are now “hawks”. And some of the vets refer to GWB as “a deserter”. Most are not critical of someone who joined the National Guard to avoid the draft (very few Guard units were called up for Vietnam), but have no sympathy for this same person calling up the Guard and sending them into combat, e.g. Iraq, the first chance they get. And compare the duty time in Iraq and Afghanistan with the duty time for WWII, especially for the Guard units which are only supposed to be called up for a MAJOR conflict. They’re called National Guard for a reason.

  12. “To the extent that Democrats are less likely than Republicans to launch another stupid war,”

    Where exactly would Vietnam fall into that equation Mr. C. ?

  13. Brian Opsahl

    Doc,Learn from our mistakes. Hence Iraq…the fight was in Afghanistan not Iraq, UBL had relation with Saddam and in fact hated him, and that mistake cost US taxpayers some 1.3 Trillion dollars….Vietnam was the Democrats mistake thats for sure. Iraq is the Republicans Vietnam.

  14. Craig Knauss


    “To the extent that Democrats are less likely than Republicans to launch another stupid war,”

    A) I didn’t say that.

    B) FYI we began sending troops to Vietnam in 1955 under Eisenhower. We just called them “advisors” back then, but they still bled and died just like regular troops.

    C) My post was about who is most likely to start a war and then force someone else to fight it for them. If I start a war and risk my own flesh and blood that’s one thing. But, if I start a war and risk YOUR flesh and blood while I protect my flesh and blood from harm, that’s a totally different thing, and that’s what our conservatives have been doing. That’s what happened in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  15. Brian Opsahl

    Ever since Reagan, Republicans have it in there head that the military is theirs. After 8 years of the Texas idiot getting not only the 3000 from 911 but the other hundreds of thousands of both our Military and Iraq citizens killed because of complete incompetence.

    That alone will change that perception for the next 2 generations.

  16. truth hurts


    You have to remember that pat and his supporters don’t like it when you use facts to counter their delusions/propaganda.

    They do just what pat did and name call, deflect, and deny.

    Also as usual in this case when cherry picked the facts seem to support their point. But when the whole article is looked at their “facts” poop like a soap bubble.

    Pat as doc pointed out while the number of the military claiming to be conservative to very conservative dropped 3 percent from 44 to 41, those claiming to be democrats stayed at 14 percent.

    To put it into simply you gained a big fat Zero. In other words you gained no more supporters to the democratic cause/party.

    So pat you can huff, puff, name call, belittle, and deny till your blue in the face.

    But your own study you put out gives facts that show the exact opposite of your conclusion.

    Maybe you need to review your studies you use so they don’t make you look foolish.

    I got my popcorn for the entertaining venom to follow.

  17. Pat Cunningham’s brain is Applesauce.

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