Paradoxically, you can blame global warming for the lingering winter weather


Anyone who thinks that the absence of traditional spring weather in certain locales at this late date somehow disproves theories of global warming has it exactly backwards, as we see HERE:

Climate scientists have linked the massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across Britain and large parts of Europe and North America to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice.

Both the extent and the volume of the sea ice that forms and melts each year in the Arctic Ocean fell to an historic low last autumn, and satellite records published on Monday by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, show the ice extent is close to the minimum recorded for this time of year.

“The sea ice is going rapidly. It’s 80% less than it was just 30 years ago. There has been a dramatic loss. This is a symptom of global warming and it contributes to enhanced warming of the Arctic,” said Jennifer Francis, research professor with the Rutgers Institute of Coastal and Marine Science.

According to Francis and a growing body of other researchers, the Arctic ice loss adds heat to the ocean and atmosphere which shifts the position of the jet stream – the high-altitude river of air that steers storm systems and governs most weather in northern hemisphere.

“This is what is affecting the jet stream and leading to the extreme weather we are seeing in mid-latitudes,” she said. “It allows the cold air from the Arctic to plunge much further south. The pattern can be slow to change because the [southern] wave of the jet stream is getting bigger. It’s now at a near record position, so whatever weather you have now is going to stick around,” she said.

Francis linked the Arctic temperature rises to extreme weather in mid latitudes last year and warned in September that 2012’s record sea ice melt could lead to a cold winter in the UK and northern Europe.



  1. Of course. If we have a warm spring, it’s global warming. If we have a cool spring, it’s global warming. But can we blame this on human activity? Even the best forecasts by the leading scientists in AGW grossly miss the mark. Yes, the planet is warming. It’s just not catastrophic.

  2. Yeah, Dave. Sure. You’re such an expert on climate change, as your previous comments will attest.

  3. No, I’m not an expert. But neither are you. The link below demonstrates the AGW forecast and how it is actually performing.


  4. Dave: Don’t be so gullible.

    The Cato Institute is an uber-libertarian outfit founded by Charles Koch and funded by various polluters.

    Cato’s Patrick Michaels, who gets much of his money from the oil industry, is one of the few climate scientists who don’t subscribe to mainstream scientific theories regarding global warming. Other scientists have criticized Michaels for misrepresenting their work.

    Read this: http://www.skepticalscience.com/patrick-michaels-serial-deleter-of-inconvenient-data.html

  5. Cato was founded in 1977 long before Charles Koch ever came to power. It has fought Charles Koch in his plan to control the organization. In April 2012 a second lawsuit was filled as a result Cato adding board members to maintain control. Cato recognizes their association with Koch can call into question their objectivity. That does not necessarily discredit their research.

    I am aware Michaels is funded by ExxonMobil and other oil companies. Again, that does not necessarily discredit him. Scientists who support AGW are also funded by organizations that would benefit from it’s existence. Moreover, there is rampant “inbreeding” within the peer review process.

    Michaels’ rebuttal to the Skeptical Science article. The original Skeptical Science article has been revised to include an apology to Michaels for the error.


    To be sure, I agree that global warming is happening. Moreover, human activity is certainly causing some of it. It is not clear to what extent. But I don’t believe the sky is falling.

  6. Craig Knauss


    You state, “To be sure, I agree that global warming is happening. Moreover, human activity is certainly causing some of it. It is not clear to what extent. ”

    The “extent” is the only real issue. As I have told others, there are 7 billion people on earth right now. There has never been that many people. And now more and more are using fossil fuels and other CO2 and offgas producing technologies, e.g. cars, power plants, etc.

    Is human activity solely to blame. Probably not, but I can’t help but believe that it is a significant contributor. Seven billion people have to have some sort of impact.

  7. David: The Cato Institute was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974 by Murray Rothbard, Ed Crane and Charles Koch, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the conglomerate Koch Industries, Inc. In July 1976, the name was changed to the Cato Institute.

    Skeptical Science has never conceded that Patrick Michaels is correct in his global-warming denialism. Quite the contrary, as we see here:


  8. Pat: To quote Mark Twain, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” I was wrong and have been properly corrected. Thank you.

  9. Really, we are going to be persuaded by an argument that runs: “its been colder than usual for a while now because we are a lot hotter than we used to be”.?

    That articles like this seem necessary is precisely because the proponents of warming are struggling to find really good evidence of warming. Because, of course, it isn’t warming very quickly.

    However the important part of global warming is not that it is warming. It is that the scare of warming needs to be rammed down our throats all the time. Hence stories like this that can’t hope to prove that we are warming because it’s cold, but that keep the scare in the news.

    (Note: I’m not denying the effect of CO2. Nor that it is warming. I dispute only that it is going to be catastrophic. Nor, I might add, have I ever received any Big Oil money.)

  10. Brian Opsahl

    The Koch brothers paid for a study about 8 years ago done by one of the top nasayers in the field of climatology. Of course he found for his client at the time that this was all just BS, But has since changed his mind on the subject and is now on board. Why the sudden change of mind, as he puts it the science is their and it’s proven what is happening is real and we need to make drastic changes. It’s their study, they paid 5 million dollars for it, and you will probably never hear about again.

  11. If both a warm spring and a cold spring is used as “evidence” of global warming, let’s try a little mind game: let’s assume that the world was growing colder. What possible evidence could be used to show this (since absolutely any weather effect is considered proof.) Suppose we have a wetter then normal year? Global warming. Drier then normal? Global warming. Sorry folks, when ALL the possible outcomes are considered proof of something, it’s not science, it’s religion.

  12. Dave: Let us know if you come across any good evidence that refutes mainstream scientific theories regarding global warming.

    Your argument above doesn’t fill the bill.

  13. Craig Knauss


    If you had spent any time living near the Great Lakes you would have seen small-scale examples of global warming’s effect on weather. For example, the years that Lake Michigan was mostly to completely iced over, Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary, etc. had minimal lake-effect snow. But the years that Lake Michigan had lots of open water, those places could have some incredible snowstorms. Why? Because open water would evaporate and as soon as the humid air hit cold air it would snow. But when the lake was iced over, evaporation was almost non-existent and the dry air had little moisture to condense into snow.

    The same principle applies to precipitation due to the polar ice caps, but on a larger scale.

  14. truth hurts

    Dave you have to realize that pat and GW supporters live by the following rules.

    Rule One

    Global warming is scientific fact.

    Rule two

    Anyone who presents evidence against global warming is wrong.

    Rule three

    See rule one and two

    Pure and simple there is AMPLE EVIDENCE from may scientific sources (like NOAA, NASA, and others so save the faux news bs) that show at minimum there is no “case closed” on global warming being fact.

    Three undeniable facts the GW crowd like to bury is this.

    One is the hacked emails showing the delibrate deception, denial, and attempt to discredit any facts/scientists showing facts against global warming.
    The funniest complaint is that they were “illegally obtained” Did not see that complaint from anything from wikileaks.

    Two That the same arguments, scientists, studies, ect were used back in the 70-80 for global cooling.
    Again one only has to go to time or newsweek from that era to get the articles.

    Three My personal favorite.

    The global warming crowd used “the inconvienent truth” from al gore as evidence and rallying cry for the movement. Their guru al gore even recieved a nobel prize for it.

    The proven “inconvienet fact” is that the film was taken to court in england.

    Guess what was found? The court found that there were over SEVEN scientific falsehoods in the film. They rated it as scientific fiction. Oppps.

    Heck even the climate sumit report had to be re written due to the fact that they excluded the experts that did not agree with the “concensious” in the final product.

    Opps again.

    But hey pat and others will just name call and go back to the three rules above.

  15. I have come to the conclusion that we all have a little blame global warming and its consequences and guilt even more politicians who do not slow down.


  16. Craig Knauss


    When are you going to present some real facts and not just two-bit BS? I notice you never have any links to verify your nonsense. Why not? Do you have a source or are you just making this crap up? NOAA, NASA and others have shown photographs, etc. proving global warming. What rock have you been under?

    The truth is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt us.

  17. shawnnews

    Yes, it’s just dumb after awhile to even claim that fact facts and evidence are on your side and that NASA and NOAA support you when they just don’t.
    To get science info from your free-market economy ideology group is an incorrect venue. It’s like going to the bartender to ask how to stay healthy.
    Truth Hurts believes that the East Anglia emails proved a conspiracy to falsify data and they just didn’t. Those scientists were all exonerated from wrong doing. He would also like us to believe that Al Gore’s opinion is a centerpiece of climate change science. It’s about as valuable as Sally Struthers opinion on poor children — it’s nice they are around to run a flag up the pole.

  18. Al only runs flags up poles when he stands to make millions.

  19. shawnnews

    Here’s why Al Gore is irrelevant to the climate science debate — the actual science.

  20. Brian Opsahl

    We really have but 2 choices. Do nothing and pay the consequences if your wrong,or start to change in a way that builds our ecnonomy by providing jobs in new technologys that will spur up.
    Be smart, if the most intelligent people on earth are telling us to do something to save us now and we ignore them we do so at are own perill.

    If your counting on an expert in the feild thats one thing but if your getting that information from the likes of Fox Republican network or Rush Lintball,Hannity,O’Rielly or somebody like that, don’t forget they are just paid entertainers….not actuall scientest.

  21. Lots of misinformation on this page from those who really hope global warming is true. Where to begin…
    1) The East Anglia scientists were not ‘exonerated’. Their own organizations said they were wrong to attempt to destroy the careers of others who disagreed with them. They were caught red handed violating their own laws to keep this information out of the public’s hands. And trusting East Anglia to say everything is fine is like trusting the Mafia to say their goodfellas are innocent…they are too biased. Obviously. Use your common sense…when someone says they are having trouble “hiding the decline”, what do you think that means?
    2) There are many intelligent people who are brave enough to shout the truth; there are petitions signed by thousands of scientists who disbelieve the hype, do some research…but the media is always on the side of the liberals. Still, some truth leaks out. Did you know ice is growing in Antarctica? Did you know man-made global warming gasses comprise only 0.24% of all global warming gasses? That’s less then one quarter of 1%; in other words, insignificant. Did you know that the earth was warmer during both the Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages…without those evil Americans to blame…and the ice caps didn’t melt? Weird, huh?
    3) Why does the UN want to punish American industry while allowing China and India to expand? And at the same time make us send money to the Third World? Because global warming has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics. This is primarily an anti-industrial, pro-redistribution of wealth scheme from the elites, who will continue to fly jet planes to conferences and tell YOU to reduce YOUR carbon footprint.
    4) Why did Al Gore build a mansion on the beach in Malibu? Lord knows how big his carbon footprint is…and why isn’t he worried about the rise of sea levels? I’ll tell you why: he KNOWS it’s all a fraud. But it made him very, very, very rich.
    5) We’ve been talking about global warming a long time now…ever since we stopped talking about the new ice age. Ever notice how disaster is always about 10 to 20 years away? We always have time to save ourselves but only if we ACT NOW…and when we don’t act, we get the same pitch next year? And the next year? And the year after that?
    6) I don’t get my facts from “Rush Lintball” (hilarious, by the way. School yard name calling always is so effective at convincing people.) But you shouldn’t get YOUR facts from Al Gore. He’s not a scientist, he’s a failed politician and a con artist. See #4 above.
    7. The choice is not between “do nothing and suffer”, and “build the green economy”. The choice is between “allow free enterprise to build American prosperity”, or “destroy the economy in favor of the latest (but not the last) environmental scare. Remember, they used to preach American industry was causing a new ice age…were you anti-science back then if you thought it was crap? No, what you were back then is called “right”.

    Free your minds, people, don’t listen to the hype. You don’t have to be a scientist, just ask yourself if there isn’t a lot of holes in what they are attempting to sell you. For instance: ever notice how global warming is only bad for cuddly animals and good for snakes, mosquitos, etc? Why is that? Does bad weather KNOW what kind of animals we like and hate, and acts accordingly? Or is it possible that we are being manipulated by being fed misinformation that someone thinks will motivate us to act the way they want?

    Thanks for reading through this. If you disagree but still made it to this point, you are to be congratulated for at least thinking about things.

  22. Brian Opsahl

    Yea Dave, That Orange air hanging over China i’m sure is real good for your respiratory system and the photos NASA has of the polor ice caps melting at a rate that is scaring the crap out of pretty much all of the climatologists (the experts) then mix in all those coal fired powerplants (acid rain) another what 200 maybe 600 million tailpipes from cars and trucks (just guessing) then cut down the rain forests and you know what Dave ….you are slowly choking off the very air we breath and if your not smart enought to see that orange air is bad for all of us then you have no hope of seeing our futher generations survive on what we are leaving behind do you.

    Anybody with a brain can see things are changing rapidly with our weather patterns. These extream storms are exactly what they said would happen some 20 yaers ago. You would be a complete idiot to ignore what is happening today.

    If the head in the sand crowd like Dave are right we will live a long life, If however he’s wrong we could all perrish.

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