There’s nothing right-wingers love more than a black person who agrees with them


By any reasonable standard, a crackpot like Herman Cain should never have been taken seriously as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination last year.

But there was one brief period when polls ranked Cain as the leading candidate for the GOP nod. And there was only one reason for that aberration: Cain is a black man who generally subscribes to the wacky theories of the Republican right wing. He was the GOP darling du jour because he served as an antidote to accusations that the Republican right is racist.

But alas, eventually — nay, inevitably — Cain’s candidacy imploded, and now he’s just a parody of himself who shows up on TV every once in a while.

Ah, but suddenly there’s a new Great Black Hope for the Republican presidential nomination of 2016 — and this one is presumably a lot brighter than Herman Cain. His name is Ben Carson (above), and he’s a renowned neurosurgeon. More to the point, he’s very conservative.

Carson first gained widespread notice when he waxed inappropriately political at the National Prayer Breakfast of a few weeks back.

HERE‘s Sally Quinn’s report on Carson’s  not-so-prayerful performance:

To a packed audience of some 3,000 people at the annual event attended by President and Mrs. Obama, Vice President Biden and members of Congress and millions more who watched his speech online, he began this way:

“I want to start by reading four texts which will put into context what I’m going to say.”

The first text:

“Proverbs 11:9 with his mouth the godless destroys his neighbor, but through knowledge the righteous escapes.”

Then he proceeded to do just that, attacking President Obama’s positions on the deficit, taxes, and health care.

“He (Carson) was visited on at least two occasions and told not to get into anything political,” says conservative columnist Cal Thomas, one of the organizers of the breakfast and host of an annual pre-breakfast dinner. “He was told not to embarrass the president. The people who told him that were shocked and angry. This came out of nowhere. Now he’s all over TV doing a victory lap. There’s not a whole lot of humility there.”

The interesting thing about Dr. Carson’s nearly 30 minutes speech was that he barely mentioned religion. Except for the opening texts and a confused reference to Jesus at the end, his speech was completely political at an event that has always been strictly bipartisan. The idea is to bring people together, not to push them apart. If you hadn’t known he was at the National Prayer Breakfast you would have thought he was the candidate at the Republican Convention.

Well, of course, more than a few Republicans hope they’ll see Carson as the candidate at the next convention.

But gee, much as it pains me to say this, it’s my bet that the Carson boomlet will fade long before the first primaries of the 2016 election cycle. I base this gloomy forecast on several factors, just one of which is the good doctor’s penchant for irresponsible rhetoric.

Take, for example, Carson’s appearance on Fox News the other night where he lumped homosexuality with child molestation and bestiality.

David Weigel DESCRIBES Fox host Sean Hannity’s reaction to Carson’s intemperate rant:

At the end you can see Hannity trying to bail out Carson. He knows, from his experience with Rick Santorum and Todd Akin, that any mention of statutory rape or beastiality is going to backfire. So he pretends that Carson was just freelancing, like Sotomayor was.

But he wasn’t. In America the Beautiful, his surprise-hit political tome, Carson spends a little time explaining why marriage shouldn’t be redefined to include same-sex unions. “I have no problem whatsoever,” he writes, “with allowing gay people to live as they please, as long as they don’t try to impose their lifestyle on everyone else. Marriage is a very sacred institution and should not be degraded by allowing every other type of relationship to be made equivalent to it.”

Up to now, across a series of friendly profiles, nobody thought to ask Carson about marriage. The first time someone did, he took a sharp turn into Gaffe City.



  1. A Republican dream, a black religious bigoted brain surgeon.

  2. Dr. Carson is a fine Black Conservative American with a Christian upbringing.

    Typical Black Liberal Dems… as usual …are the following fine examples.

    Ex-Atlanta Schools Chief Indicted in Cheating Scam
    NEWSER) – The astonishing improvement in test scores made by students in Atlanta last decade earned schools chief Beverly Hall plaudits from around the nation and superintendent-of-the-year honors in 2009. Now, they might get her 45 years in prison. Hall and 34 underlings were indicted today and accused of orchestrating a massive fraud on standardized tests, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Charges include racketeering, influencing witnesses, conspiracy, and making false statements, reports the New York Times. “Prosecutors allege the 35 named defendants conspired to either cheat, conceal cheating or retaliate against whistle-blowers in an effort to bolster C.R.C.T. scores for the benefit of financial rewards associated with high test scores,” says the indictment. Hall, who has previously denied being aware of any cheating, got hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses over the years thanks to the improving test scores.

    LAS VEGAS — Hours after he became the first person in Nevada history to be kicked out of the state Legislature, an embattled former lawmaker led police on a chase on a freeway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles that ended with a violent struggle with uniformed officers.
    Steven Brooks was subdued with punches and a Taser, arrested at gunpoint and jailed in California’s San Bernardino County after police say he attacked a police dog with a wrench.

  3. Equating LGBT with criminals will follow Dr. Ben for a long time. So much for the new GOP stereotype.

  4. West, Cain and now Carson, I am starting to notice a pattern here

  5. No doubt he is a great surgeon but his political instincts are more in line with wackos West and Cain

  6. I think you’ll find in the Black community, that Mr. Carson’s views on gay people are more the norm than not. Just because the Black community votes mostly for Democratic Party candidates doesn’t mean they are liberal, especially on social issues such as equal rights for gay people. Some of the most conservative people I’ve met have been from the Black heterosexual community.

  7. Something you, Pat, and Sally Quinn ought to be outraged about is that The White House wanted Carson’s speech prior to the event, and, that anyone would tell or warn Carson about what not to talk about. For fear of embarrassing the President? What, the most powerful man in the world needs to be protected from a brain surgeon’s thoughts on health care and taxes? Give me a break.

    Which fully explains now why Carson began his speech the way he did. Saying that PC (political correctness) stifles speech and is antithetical to everyone’s constitutional right. But, I can see how all that escapes you and Sally.

    Nice too to see how you try to minimize the effectiveness of a conservative in the presence of The One. Especially a BLACK conservative. It is expected, he’s far from being on the Democrat Plantation. According to his bio, he never was on the Democrat Plantation.

  8. Brian Opsahl

    The plantation…really Ross, what doe’s that mean exactly ? You guys never learn do you..!!

  9. There’s something odd about a brain surgeon who only speaks to those with a closed mind.

  10. You zombies have all the answers. Successful black men /women with a Christian faith area right -wing wackos?? Of course it’s fine to run around impregnating a bunch of welfare junkies and
    leaving the children with no support, guidance or family…Oh except for the real families that actually work and pay taxes to support them. Too bad your moms, especially Pat’s, didn’t choose abortion like you clowns always promote. The world would be a better place!!

    Brian Opsahl says:
    April 1, 2013 at 8:55 am
    The plantation…really Ross, what doe’s that mean exactly ? You guys never learn do you..!!

    Brian “what doe’s.” that mean exactly … You need brain surgery.

    Steverino says:
    April 1, 2013 at 9:58 am
    There’s something odd about a brain surgeon who only speaks to those with a closed mind.

    Steverino.. (your equal liberal friend), in the comment above, is a liberal brainl surgeon like all the you morons spew for. Happy April 1st ..The Liberal agenda is The Real Joke of The Planet.


  11. Brian Opsahl

    Is it Karl Marx..?
    Who promted abortion..? or do you mean a Womens right to choose …Mr. Marx how many babys have you had…oh thats right you cant so you think you can tell a Women what to do with her body…huh..?
    Those welfare folks you seem to hate so much…cause there doing so well off your money…stop on down to Blackhawk island and take a look at how well they are all doing on all that money you give them….and just a thought how are you on all those tax breaks given to all those billionares,millionares…you know Romneys off shore tax haven buddys

  12. Karl is back with another one of his brilliant comments.

    He’s the same guy who recently told us that our president is a “Muslim Marxist.”

    Keep up the good work, Karl.

  13. Hey Karl the cave floor called they want their bat crap back.

  14. Craig Knauss

    West? Cain? Carson? Whatever happened to the black conservative Republican Senator from Illinois, the Honorable Alan Keyes? Is he still keeping a second home in Baltimore?

  15. Brian Opsahl

    Last i heard he was running for the Senate from Indiana or was it Iowa…(big fish in Iowa)

  16. Brian says” The plantation…really Ross, what doe’s that mean exactly ? You guys never learn do you..!!”

    This is what it means http://bit.ly/c9tW7z You don’t read much. Do you?

  17. Brian Opsahl

    Yea, you know what else i dont do is web sites. Sorry but to much crap from either side gets put on these sites so i just don’t go their.
    The election we just had confirms what directions Americans wish to go…by over 5 million votes the American voters chose the Democrats. Just as i hated when Bush was givin the Presidency by the conservative Supreme Court then won re-election somehow. At least the Democrats worked with the Republicans to improve the lives of all of us. Looking at what your getting from the Republicans the last 2 years they are basicly stealing a paycheck from the voters they represent. To me it’s apparent who these guys really work for (big money) Corparations,big oil,and banksters….not we the people like it’s supposed to be.

  18. OK fine Brian. Now I know not to bother answering a question if you ask one. So why ask it in the first place? fyi, the link was to a piece on my blog by Star Parker that explains exactly what the “plantation” meant. That there exists a political Democrat Plantation should be self-evident. For proof, all you need to do is listen to the kind of racially charged epithets thrown at black conservatives, by democrats.

  19. Brian Opsahl

    I choose my information and how I get it,not you !! sorry but YOUR web site skews that information into what they wish to say….these are not facts..Sir
    I did a little research on your plantation comment …I get it, but it’s NOT factuall
    I give you credit for trying to explain since i did ask, but again i am about facts…thats it

  20. Tonight is your lucky night Brian. Tonight, if you are brave enough to watch Hannity, you’ll see Star Parker. And you’ll see how your research that proved to you that my post (which you did not even see) was not factual, will have failed you. Try looking outside the KOSite, or Applesauce, bubble. Take off your blinders and you’ll be amazed at what else is out there.

    Anyway, glad to have been of some help in broadening your horizon on where to find “facts.”

  21. Brian Opsahl

    Well that explains alot,if your getting your information from the likes of Shawn Hannity and the Fox Republican network,then you know what it’s like to be treated like a mushroom (they feed you s%it and keep you in the dark) I do my own research and I have found over the years that when somebody wants me to go to a web site usually the research is bogus and filled with slanted BS. That’s why I will not do web sites

    Why would you believe anything Fox or Hannity puts out,they lied to all of you before during and after the last election…big time,remember.
    Remember how they would lie every single nite about the pollsters all being dead wrong and how when good employment numbers came out there had to be a conspiracy (no facts)how can you even take this guy seriously after all that BS. and now you want me to watch this liar and follow that crap. I happen to have an I.Q that’s higher than 25 Sir..!!
    Aparently some do not…!!

  22. It is apparent to me that having an intelligent dialog with you is impossible. That’s because you aren’t reading my comments, or are incapable of reading comprehension. To suggest that you go back and re-read (a little slower this time) my comments now is futile. Somebody in this kool-aid jug might have picked up on the fact that I said the link was to my own blog. So if you saw it, then you don’t trust what I’m saying in the first place. So, discussing anyting with you is useless and a waste of my time. Secondly, the post on my blog included the writings of Star Parker, the person who was on Hannity last night. You missed another opportunity to prove to yourself that your “research” is flawed. But that’s OK with me. You are free to remain in your bubble. At least I know now not to pay any attention to whatever it is you say. The reason I even read this “blog” occasionally is to see what the Left is up to. It’s fun, and I learn things. You should try it sometime. Stupid me, you’ve already told me you don’t stray from the plantation.

  23. Brian Opsahl

    Wow Ross, Must i explain it to you like a ten year old..?
    First off as i said before (you must not read my post either sir) I choose where my information comes from…not you..!! and most it, if not all information that starts with the words Fox or Hannity is totally false BS and you know it…they are professional liars that get paid to tell low i.q. brain dead morons to believe what they are shoveling…

    Robert who lied during the election every single nite…..? Hannity did thats who…and then you think im dumb enough to tune in to this Parker guy who im quite sure is spewing the exact same BS they feed there low I.Q. brain dead morons that buy into the lies…Sir..!!

    You Sir are free to be lied to on a nightly basis if you choose but how can you expect anybody with a brain to listen to you when your quoting these paid idiots as your experts..

  24. Star Parker is a conservative columnist so I presume she would walk in step with Hannity’s agenda otherwise he would shout over her while she tried to talk.

  25. Brian Opsahl

    Parker girl…sorry
    Robert, try Rachel Maddow and msnbc for some truth telling information.

    I have many sources for facts if you wish to purge yourself of regurgatated twisted BS ..?

  26. Robert

    Brian, what are you talking about? I’m familiar with Rachel.

  27. Brian Opsahl

    Clearly you are not following along are you. should i type s l o w e r….whould that help..lol

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