Another study shows no link between vaccines and autism


One wonders if THIS will sufficiently counter the bogus and irresponsible claims peddled by the scaremongers:

A new study adds to years of research showing that childhood vaccines do not cause autism, despite worries among a growing number of parents that their young children receive “too many vaccines.”

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that even when multiple inoculations are given on the same day, children are at no higher risk of developing autism, according to the report published in the Journal of Pediatrics Friday.

“This study looked into the concern that receiving too many vaccines at one doctor’s visit or too many vaccines during the first two years of life may be linked to the development of autism,” the report’s lead author, Dr. Frank DeStefano told NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman. “We found they’re not related.”

The CDC researchers conducted the study by reviewing the vaccination histories collected between 1994 and 1999 of 256 children with autism and 752 children who did not have the disorder. They calculated the number of antigens – the substances in a vaccine that stimulate disease-fighting antibodies – that infants are exposed to either on one doctor’s visit or overall during the first two years.

“We did not find any relationship between the number of antigens and the risk of autism,” said DeStafano, Director of the Immunization Safety Office at the CDC.

The CDC study comes amidst reports that increasing numbers of parents are delaying or skipping childhood inoculations, fearing side effects or the risk of autism and other learning disabilities.

A 2012 study, which examined medical records for 97,711 Portland, Oregon children, found an almost four-fold increase between 2006 and 2009 in the percentage of parents who delayed or skipped vaccinations, researchers reported in the journal Pediatrics. Experts say that by delaying certain vaccinations, parents may be putting their children — and those of others — at a far greater risk of contracting deadly diseases, such as pneumonia and whooping cough, also known as pertussis. In 2012, the US experienced the worst epidemic of whooping cough in 50  years.

That’s a real concern for Dr. Tanya Altmann, an assistant clinical professor at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.

“Some parents ask about waiting on vaccines and using an alternative or delayed schedule,” because of worries about autism, Altmann told Snyderman.

Altmann tries to remind parents that while they may worry about the unknown, there are real risks to skipping vaccinations or delaying them: outbreaks of severe, sometimes deadly, illnesses.



  1. Pat
    Thank you for new information. I doubt if you are responsible for the scary HUGE syringe and needle along with words autism and vaccination…that might encourage some mothers to avoid immunizations. Intelligent mothers who do their homework however will still realize there has been a huge increase in expression of autism specter diseases, type 1 diabetes, ADHD, depression, bipolar and other multi-gene disease expression in youth. If it isn’t immunization mothers will ask “What is it?”
    Until proven otherwise mothers may want to avoid what is becoming recognized as a toxin. Fructose like alcohol is proving to be adverse before conception, in the womb and as child grows. Pregnant mother, baby, child or students eating lots of what gram for gram may be worse than alcohol is a modern nutrition tradition. Unlike alcohol, students won’t pass out after 12 ounces of apple juice so it seems alcohol must be worse than sweet fruit sugar God provided. It doesn’t seem possible that fruit sugar can be addicting and cause liver failure, cancer and death like alcohol! It is inconvenient I know, but fructose is addicting for many. Fructose is the leading cause of liver disease in USA, not alcohol, not infection. NASH (caused by unhealthy amount of fructose in cells) is second only to hepatitis C as a reason for liver transplantation. Liver disease is only one of many diseases that fructose started before one is born can increases 10 fold or more. 1½ shots (drinks) is 20 grams of alcohol molecules. One medium sized apple contains 10 grams of fructose molecules. A 12 oz soda contains 20 grams. 12 oz apple juice has 24 grams of fructose.
    What is significance of only 20 grams of alcohol per day? The American Journal of Public Health concludes… (Daily consumption of up to 20 grams of alcohol (≤ 1.5 drinks) accounted for 26% to 35% of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths. Alcohol remains a major contributor to cancer mortality and Years per Life Lost. Higher consumption increases risk but there is no safe threshold for alcohol and cancer risk.) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23409916 I suspect that if there is no safe amount of alcohol, there is also no safe threshold for fructose in cells either. It is the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde that is a carcinogen and triggers liver disease. It is the fructose metabolite glyceraldehyde that is a carcinogen and triggers liver disease. Both aldehydes cause toxic advanced glycation end products (TAGE). See …. http://www.fructosis.com to understand why both dietary fructose and hyperglycemia cause unhealthy amounts of fructose in cells.
    We live in amazing times when it may be possible for young women who understand what I am saying to personally reduce the probability their children will express mental illness or other genetic disease predispositions by 95%. What are chances of a young women graduating with practical understanding of what is inconvenient to her teachers?

    John Weaver MD

  2. Just curious where are vaccines manufactured? It’s a bit unsettling that a large percentage of our pharmaceuticals now come from China and India.

  3. shawnnews

    When I was getting flu shots, I thought mandatory vaccinations for anyone would be a bad idea. This is where the ideal world and the real world clash. The ideal of every one getting a vaccination is great and it’s something I want. The real world when some vaccines could be a bad batch, administered improperly or even cause an allergic reaction is an issue that should be taken seriously. I don’t think people should deny their children medical care but I also don’t believe the government should mandate that you have any medical procedure performed on you. Thoughts?

  4. MaximumMario

    Wonderful comment, DR. Weaver! People overlook food as a source of illness if it doesn’t result in death or pain right away. Our diets have incredible long-term effects. I’d go as far as attribute the changes in behavior among children to the way diets have changed since the 50s. Maybe we have a rise in mental illness because of all the additive and preservative consumption over the last few generations? I am no expert, but it does not seem like a stretch to me.

    With your comment I now wonder if that’s why the apple was the forbidden fruit! Whether God, or an ancient wisdom, apparently we didn’t read into the metaphor as much as we should have.

  5. The CDC relies on epidemiology, arguably the most manipulable method of research, to “answer” the question of an autism-vaccine link, but it took four generations (ignoring the generation 0 that showed a nine times risk of having some LD diagnosis with it top mercury exposure category compared to 0 exposure) to get to what was published as the institute’s initial research, and which still found a statistically significant link between tics and language delay and vaccine mercury and called for more research as this study was unable to answer the question.

    Since then, we only get research fatally flawed if not designed to fail. The vaccine schedule is expanded, mercury is not removed, but allowed to sit on the shelves until used up and kept in the schedule through adding mandates for flu vaccines in pregnancy and infants. Other vaccine ingredients (still increasing in the schedule) remain unstudied, except some research on vaccine adjuvants and gulf war syndrome. Yes damage was found, and yes the amounts given, particularly to 2 month olds, rival these doses:


    This latest “study” answers nothing:


    Note there has never even been an epidemiological review of the overall health of never-vaccinated individuals compared with fully vaccinated. So why are doing all this with no comprehensive study of overall effects (i.e. comparing to true control groups and testing in animal models, etc):


    while we are simultaneously watching the immune and neurological health of our children plummet?

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