Paranoid, insurrectionist Tea Party video employs slick production values

This video comes from an outfit that calls itself the Tea Party Patriots.



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  1. Robert

    I recognize the value this sort of message provides to Tea Party minds, but I have to admit one part of that film did hit home. It was the part where the actor mentioned something about controlling us. I am greatly concerned about the growth of the observation society. I was thinking about getting a new smart tv until I read where some have camera’s built into them for gesture and facial recognition. Not to mention 2 way audio. Does anybody think those cams are only viewing your head? I don’t want to have to think about if I should put on some pants to watch TV, but that’s where its heading. There is too much invasion of our privacy these days and being sold to us as its good for our safety. And its all being accessed through instruments we use to entertain us. So were trading our freedoms and right to privacy for entertainment. Its been said that an atom can’t be viewed in its natural state if it knows it being watched. That will apply to people to. Were all actors now. That old saying about the worlds a stage and the people its actors, came true in a way no one figured it would. Is this really the future that people want to live in?

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