Pat Robertson ungrammatically argues that miracles are less common among smart people

Pat Robertson Speaks At National Press Club

The moral of THIS STORY,  I guess, is that you shouldn’t send your kids to any of them fancy-schmancy schools:

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday explained to his viewers that “sophisticated” Americans received less miracles because they had learned “things that says God isn’t real” like evolution.

On Monday’s episode of CBN’s The 700 Club, Robertson responded to a viewer who wanted to know why “amazing miracles (people raised from the dead, blind eyes open, lame people walking) happen with great frequency in places like Africa, and not here in the USA?”

“People overseas didn’t go to Ivy League schools,” the TV preacher laughed. “We’re so sophisticated, we think we’ve got everything figured out. We know about evolution, we know about Darwin, we know about all these things that says God isn’t real.”

“We have been inundated with skepticism and secularism,” he conintued. “And overseas, they’re simple, humble. You tell ‘em God loves ‘em and they say, ‘Okay, he loves me.’ You say God will do miracles and they say, ‘Okay, we believe him.’”

“And that’s what God’s looking for. That’s why they have miracles.”



  1. Pat the crackpot sky pilot doesn’t have to worry.

  2. Craig Knauss

    Wow. I’ve seen that face before. Wasn’t it on the cover of “Mad Magazine”?

    When something unusual occurs, smart people tend to look for a cause and figure it out. Dumb people don’t have a clue and claim it’s a “miracle”. This allows them to go on doing nothing.

  3. Rygrourl

    Let me see if I’ve got this correctly – Pat Robertson has now explicitly said out loud, publicly, that stupid, blind, unquestioning “faith” (“we know what we know, so don’t bother our simple heads with pesky FACTS!”) is the path to better religion and more miracles.

    Boy, has good ol’ Pat ever managed to twist things around. See, God gave intelligence (that which separates humankind from other animals) to man (and woman, of course) – but Pat has now officially stated that the best way to worship Him is not to use it!

    In what universe (or even in which bible school) could such screwed-up logic make the slightest bit of sense??

  4. Expdoc

    Sometimes smart people look for a cause, realize that there is no plausible explanation, and understand that a miracle has occurred.

  5. Carolyn

    I would like to address ministers who are not teaching the truth, but what they THINK their congregation wants to hear, well Jesus refer to them as BLIND GUIDES ( Matthew 23:16 – 19, 24), and Hypocrites ( Matthews 23:13,1523,25,27,29, ), because they are misleading their flock, they are not going to heaven and they are keeping their flock from going there also ! ( Matthew 23:13 ). Jesus said that they appeared righteous on the outside, but full of hypocrisy and lawlessness on the inside ! ( Matthew 23:28 ). Jesus summed them up perfectly, in Matthew 23: 1 – 7 ! Hahahahaha. Most of them are all about making money, by collection or by offering goods for a price. PEDDLERS ! ( 2 Corinthians 2:17 ). They are Satan’s ministers ! ( 2 Corinthians 11:13 – 19 ). Jesus said that He knows his REAL followers, aka His sheep ! ( John 10:14 ). Not everyone who says, ” Lord, Lord “, will be accepted by Jesus ! ( Matthew 7:21 – 23 ). Amen.

  6. Brian Opsahl

    Is this the same Pat Robertson that said over and over after 911 that this was Gods way of punishing us for the bad ways we have taken to…?
    Anybody that follows a man who has become a millionare from useing Gods image to fill his pockets with your money is directly related to Satan…im sorry but he is an evil man for taking your money and now he regularly uses Gods words in VAIN..

    This creep is no differant than Jimmy Swagert who took his parishes money so he could hire a protitue to masterbate him with…these creeps will go straight to hell thats for sure.

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