Patriots? NRA and GOP join with Iran, North Korea and Syria in opposing arms trade treaty!


Senate Republicans and the National Rifle Association are siding with the world’s worst terrorist states on  THIS MATTER:

After more than a decade of efforts to regulate the $70 billion international arms trade, the United Nations’ General Assembly [above] on Tuesday adopted the Arms Trade Treaty despite opposition from human-rights abusers around the world and the United States gun lobby.

Contrary to the rhetoric from the National Rifle Association and other opponents, the treaty doesn’t dictate domestic gun laws in member countries. It requires signatories to establish controls on the import and export of conventional arms including tanks, missile launchers, fully automatic assault rifles, and other weapons of war. Many countries, including the United States, already have laws regulating such exports, but before the treaty’s passage on Tuesday there had never been an accord setting international standards…

The NRA and other gun groups strongly opposed the treaty, capitalizing on conservative myths that it would infringe on Second Amendment rights by undermining the country’s sovereignty. But the gun lobby’s real opposition to the treaty is probably economics. The US is the world’s leading arms exporter, and gun dealers aren’t eager to be required to report weapons exports that may wind up in the hands of warlords or terrorists overseas.

GOP senators like Rand Paul are still repeating the false claim that abiding by the treaty would lead to an international registry of American gun owners and “full-scale gun CONFISCATION.” Conservatives have also argued that the treaty violates the Second Amendment by recognizing the rights of governments, but not their citizens, to self-defense, even though it has no international policing mechanism and explicitly recognizes the “inherent right of all States to individual or collective self-defence.”


Iran, North Korea, and Syria were the only three nations to vote against the treaty; 154 voted in favor and another 23 abstained.


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