Scandal: Obama was quicker to tweet about Roger Ebert’s death than about Margaret Thatcher’s


The satirical political blog Wonkette REPORTS that certain wingnuts are plowing new ground in the fertile fields of Obamaphobia:

Thanks to the completely sane coverage at the “Christian News Service,”we know that the Chicago thug tweeted a brief message in response to the death of fellow Chicago thug Roger Ebert within 30 minutes of the news of Ebert’s death, while it took an unpardonable two hours for the White House to issue a statement in response to the death of Margaret Thatcher. Even worse, the White House Twitter feed did not link to the emailed statement until 40 minutes after the statement was released, precious minutes during which the Delta Force could have saved American lives. But Barack Obama stood idly by, doing nothing. IMPEACH!

The only logical conclusion is that Barack Obama has some seriously twisted priorities, and will probably come in the night to take your guns, indoctrinate your children, and insist that you watch “Citizen Kane” in a movie theater because that’s the only way to experience it.

CNS News does not appear to have considered the possibility that a statement on the death of a movie critic takes far less time and requires fewer passes through the White House communications apparatus than a statement on the death of a former foreign leader, because only liberals ever watched “The West Wing.”



  1. Gee you just killed Ted Biondo’s next big scoop.

  2. Robert

    Maybe Obama wanted to be sure it was true about her death and the circumstances surrounding it. There’s a big difference in protocols between a former head of state and a movie critic, I would think .

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Facts never got in Teds way before,just like the GOP who said during the election.
    We don’t let fact checkers get in the way of our storys..

  4. Robert

    My initial post in this thread was in defense of Obama. I do like him, but I don’t want it to appear I’m a defender of the Democratic Party or all things liberal. As I’ve said in the past I’m in the center politically, like I think most thoughtful people are. I’m displeased with Obama on many subjects but the one that gets me most is the failure of getting some sort of effective control on the too big to fail banks. His selection for the new SEC head is just another example of putting industry friendly people in places of oversight. Ms. White in her former life, defended the big banks. Now she’s supposed to watch over them. … “Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor who has spent the last decade as a lawyer defending banks, “…


  5. Robert

    This was the actual link I wanted. I hate it when I do that, put up the wrong link.


  6. Craig Knauss


    I’m middle of the road too, except when compared to the goose-steppers out here in Eastern Washington.

    You posted ” “Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor who has spent the last decade as a lawyer defending banks….” I don’t see a real problem here UNLESS she was uncomfortable with her prosecutorial duties. Going back to the government could signal she was, in fact , uncomfortable with her defense duties, kinda like a “whistleblower”. While she can’t violate her attorney – client privilege, she does know the inner workings of the big banks and where to put pressure, if needed.

    She can’t be any worse than some of GWB’s appointments.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    It could be she is their worst nightmare don’t you think she has the inside skinny on how to beat them.
    Robert you and I agree, the banksters got away with murder as far as i’m concerned. Nobody went to jail after fleecing the entire Nation out of our savings accounts..!!

  8. Robert

    Brian, I was listening to Fresh Air last evening. Terri had on an author who gave a great overview of how the banks accomplished their heist through those derivatives and other products that Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress made legal, back in the late 90s before he left office. Although the banks are responsible for the damage to our nations banking system, they also sold many of those derivative products to many of the retirement programs and banks over in Europe, thus causing many of those programs to be underfunded and banks to lose their ability to lend money. Europe is having the same crisis we are because of the greed of the international bankers.

    The fed program known as QE 1,2 3, who knows how many more will be necessary, is in place to back out those bad investments. The fed as most people who pay attention know, is printing money out of thin air to buy that bad debt. I’m very concerned about the long term effects this is going to have on our economy and banking system. Especially at a time when so many of us boomers are heading into retirement.

    It disgust me too that no banker will ever go to prison for what they did. Frontline did a great expose’ on the The Untouchables (why no one has ever been prosecuted) a few months back. The guy from Obama’s DOJ in charge of the investigation basically said greed isn’t against the law. He resigned the following week and went back to private industry. This is an excellent overview of the situation. There’s plenty of evidence to go after the culprits but no political party will ever dare. So much for change.


  9. Brian Opsahl

    What confusses me is why after the President bailed them out they started to back Romney I do not understand that at all. They bite the hand that fed them.
    I do not agree with everything the potus does but to let these guys off without putting a few away for some real hard time might scare the rest of them into doing whats right.

  10. Robert

    Brian, I think the politicians and the administration are in fear of the big banks and the power they have to crash the economy. That is inferred in the Frontline documentary. Plus both parties are so beholden to the banks and other big business for campaign donations, they dare not offend them. It’s that corrupt out there. As friendly as Obama has been to Wall Street, they just don’t like him. It’s that simple.

  11. Craig Knauss

    I remember watching the bigshots from Washington Mutual (WaMu) testify before Congress about their mortgage lending practices. It was sickening. WaMu wasn’t the only bank to use these practices. Here’re are some of the details:

    Bonuses were given based on SIZE of mortgages written.
    Bonuses were given based on QUANTITY of mortgages written.
    Property appraisals were done “in house” and almost always verified the property value “met or exceeded” the DESIRED loan amount.
    Pre-crash property value appraisals were frequently based on the projected property value, not the present property value
    Loans were frequently written for more than the original requested amount.
    After loans were written and “approved”, they were frequently bundled and sold to another loan company.

    And most sickening of all: none of them went to jail.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    After fixing most of the mess he was handed from Bush I have alot of respect for what he has done as potus
    My hope is karma will come back and bite these banksters some how some way..

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