Shameless horn-tooting here


I’m happy to report that readership of this blog is on an upswing as publication of our 10,000th post approaches (a milestone that likely will be reached before the end of this month).

Page-views in March were 64 percent higher than in February, signifying a rebound from the inevitable decline in the wake of last fall’s election season. Total page-views for the 65 months of this blog’s existence now number more than 2.1 million — or well more than 1,000 per day. In our best month, the daily average was more than 3,000.

Frankly, I had given some thought last year to hanging it up as a blogger after the November elections. But I think I’ll stick around a while longer.



  1. Thank God your sticking around, otherwise I would have no chance of getting my 5,000 comment award!

  2. HANGING IT UP!?!?

    (I realize all caps are verboten here, but I’m pushing my luck and shouting due to the topic).

    In lieu of a full blog retirement, Pat, how about soliciting contributions from some like-minded liberal buddies (comrades)? You could pare your workload a bit, serving at times as an editor…

    Or, best case, you were just rattling the cage of your regular readers. Congrats on the approaching milestone. I’ll be looking ahead to the next 10K missives.

  3. Luke: I’ll tell you what. If you want to submit a guest post in lieu of merely a long comment, here’s what you should do:

    Submit your draft as an ordinary comment, but put two extraneous links to other Web sites at the bottom (and label them extraneous). That will automatically activate the “moderation” software and give me a chance to review your submission. The only alternative would be to give you my email address, which is something I studiously avoid.

    So, if you’ve a mind to, give it a go. But don’t get upset if I reject your prospective guest post.

  4. Gotcha! May take me a while though… got a day job to maintain.

    I must admit, however, that I was thinking more of someone akin to Stanley Campbell (I miss his commentaries from years past on WNIJ) or John McNamara. I trust your Rolodex is well stocked with such local liberal luminaries.

  5. Luke: Regarding Stan Campbell and John McNamara (or anyone else, for that matter), I would be interested in guest posts that deal with national or big-picture issues. This blog only rarely deals with local issues, which is why our readership is broad.

  6. dogrescuer

    This is off-subject, but……
    I’m moving away this weekend, beyond the tender embrace of the RRStar. I just want to say goodbye to you all. I’ve enjoyed all the give-and-take of the comments, and I wish a long and happy life to each of you, both friends and “pseudo enemies”, lefties and righties. God bless!

  7. dogrescuer: Good luck.

  8. JRM_CommonSense

    Pat, give me some insight into a guy named Terry that you banned from this site. He is a real pain in the arse on other sites and seems to have taken a serious dislike of my posts and a certain Ted lets him get away with it. He ranks right up there in foolishness and deceitful posting as Uncle SNuss the Durand flash.

  9. Found this story today.. “The Cities Where Americans Don’t Feel Safe”… It was on the Comcast Homepage, but I found a different link to provide the same info.

    Guess where Rockford is on that list? Hint, if you count with your fingers and thumbs, you only need one hand……… my my, so much to be proud of…. of course, some here will say its all relative to proximity…

    After watching the results of the mayor election and the dismal showing (of course, it was the weather, yeah right) all I can say is, Rockford’s greatest assets are its people. Rockford worst attribute, their apathy… Until the people stand up and say enough, we want better for our town, it’s never going to change.

    I’ve enjoyed my visit to Applesauce Land… best to you and be safe.


  10. JRM: I’m not going to bad-mouth a guy I banned from this blog (for good cause, by the way). I did that with another guy I banned, which resulted in a rare admonition from the suits at the Register Star. They said it’s not fair to pick on somebody who can’t respond. They were right.

  11. Good to hear you’re sticking around. Speaking of the “suits at the Register Star,” did you ever write for the paper? A search of your name there comes up empty. Same for the listing in the “contact us” page.

  12. Ross: I had four separate stints at the Register Star (and the Morning Star, as it was previously known) over the course of 34 years. I was a reporter on various beats and held several editorships.

    Between those stints, I had gigs on television and radio and wrote a history of Rockford.

    I retired from the paper six years ago and began this blog five years ago as a part-time job I do from home.

    Oh, I also worked at three other papers in the five years before I joined the Morning Star, and I worked for ad agencies in Chicago for five years before that. My next birthday will be my 71st.

    By the way, most of my work at the Register Star and the Morning Star was before the digital age, which is why you can’t find it online.

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