Explosions at Boston Marathon, at least two dead


You’ve probably heard about THIS by now:

A series of explosions erupted near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The Boston Police Department confirmed that they were looking into an explosion, but had no further comment.

The Associated Press reported that the authorities were helping injured runners leave the scene and bloody spectators were being carried to a medical tent that was being used for runners.

The A.P. said that a loud explosion was heard on the north side of Boylston Street, near a photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion was heard several seconds later.

Local television showed ambulances at the scene. Pictures posted online showed several injured runners being attended to and smoke around the finish line.

The headquarters for the organizers of the marathon, one of the world’s oldest, was reportedly locked down while authorities investigate. Reporters inside the Copley Plaza Hotel, where the media center is and where many elite athletes are staying, were unable to leave.

UPDATES: Various media say at least two people have been killed.

CBS says security has been tightened at “key areas” along the East Coast and at the White House.




  1. Brian Opsahl

    By tonight Fox will be blaming the President…any bets on that one…?
    10,000 Rick..!!

    Why on Gods green Earth do these idiots go after innocent people. You want to fight go after the military… bunch of cowards.

  2. Neftali

    Brian…you are a disgusting jerk. Seriously dude, that’s really uncalled for. Fox News would not blame the President. That’s not even funny.

    If you want to criticize Fox, go after them for interviewing Sheriff Joe Arpaio for some stupid reason.

    I’ve read other threads were other idiot leftissts are blaming “tea baggers.”

    All this blame is absurd. Thoughts and prayers for the family of those hurt.

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