Internet aflame with wild speculation about who’s to blame for tragedy at Boston Marathon


My perusal of the blogosphere and certain political Web sites reveals all manner of premature theories as to who might have been behind the deadly explosions at today’s Boston Marathon.

Muslims did it. Anti-tax right-wingers did it (considering that it’s April 15). President Obama was somehow involved. It’s a message from God. It has to do with the gun debate. It’s a false-flag operation.

You can check this stuff out for yourself by Googling “Boston Marathon” and the word “blame.” It helps to use Google’s blog-search function.



  1. Neftali

    Its one thing for internet trolls to be placing blame…its something else when a respected journalist like Wolf Blitzer speculates that “anti-tax” groups may be to blame.


  2. The Boston Marathon is a world class event so there are endless possibilities for blame.

  3. Neftali: Wolf Blitzer is “a respected journalist”? Since when?

  4. Not tax related. If it were, the place would have been in DC at the IRS building. I’m guessing that there is an IRS building. ?? As far as blame goes though, I’m looking for Brian Ross to blame it on the tea party, based on 27.5 million hits on a google search on ‘Boston,Tea Party.”

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Fox,Hannity,Lintball,O’Rielly will be blaming the President you can bank on that just give them a little time and watch what happens. O’Rielly was already doing it last night.
    Congressmen King was on Fox saying he was quite sure this was an Al Quida Taliban strike without a shred of evidence mind you.

    Yesterday was not only Patriots day in Massachusetts but unfortunately it is also the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing,Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge shootings.

    If this is domestic terrorism as I suspect I hope they hang them from the highest trees so to speak. Who or why do these nut cases go after innocent people I will never understand.

  6. Hey Opsahl,

    Check your facts. OKC and Waco took place on April 19. Ruby Ridge was in August.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    Your correct Monkey they were on the 19th my bad. If you wish to address me as “hey Opsahl” yea I will be just as rude to you.

    Hey Monkey breath your correct…!!

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