Fox News poll: Most Americans think the Boston bombs were not the work of Islamic terrorists


Let me stipulate at the outset here that there’s no reason to think of polls commissioned by Fox News as biased, no matter the network’s reputation for inaccuracy.

That said, HERE are a few results of a quickie poll sponsored by Fox:

By a wide 62-20 percent margin, voters think homegrown terrorists are more likely than Islamic terrorists to have been behind the Boston attacks.  Nineteen percent are unsure.

In general, voters say homegrown terrorists like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh (51 percent) pose a greater threat on U.S. soil than Islamic terrorists (26 percent).

While 34 percent of voters are worried about a terrorist attack happening in their area, nearly twice as many — 65 percent — are not concerned.



  1. Most Americans have gun control way down their list of important problems facing this country.


    Economy in general 24%

    Unemployment/Jobs 18%

    Dissatisfaction with Government 16%

    Federal budget deficit/Federal debt 11%

    Healthcare 6%

    Ethical/Moral/Family decline 5%

    Immigration/Illegal aliens 4%

    Education 4%

    Guns/Gun control 4%

    Situation with North Korea 4%

    Lack of Money 3%

    Welfare 2%

    Lack of respect for each other 2%

    Poverty/Hunger/Homelessness 2%

    Foreign aid/Focus overseas 2%

    Taxes 2%

  2. Craig Knauss

    Great job of following the topic, doc. LOL

    BTW, where I live now the rightwingers are constantly screaming about the illegals, even though it was the rightwingers who have hired them for all these years. Go figure.

  3. craig knauss isajerk

    Great job of keeping on topic craig!

  4. Both are insane and deadly.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Yea Doc, after listening to the radio this morning on my way into work, sounds like people are pissed off at how the Republicnas have been bought and paid for by a lobby…it is clear as a bell the NRA owns your Republicans when over 90% of Americans supported these bills and 90% of Republicans voted against it.

    Who do these guys actully work for anyway was answered yesterday…Corprate America,the NRA….and NOT the folks who vote for them,crystal clear…!

  6. Craig Knauss

    Scumbag who called himself “craig knauss isajerk”,


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