Of all the fatuous reporting on the Boston Marathon bombings, this piece is especially egregious


Dylan Byers (above), one of the annoying twerps who write for Politico, expressed impatience yesterday that the culprit in the Boston bombings had not yet been caught.

A progressive (and impressive) blogger who calls herself Digby has a DELICIOUS RESPONSE to Byers’ piece:

I have read a lot of fatuous reporting on this event but I think this one may take the cake. The idea that they are “tortured” because they don’t yet have all the information is just ridiculous. Moreover, the whining, passive tone is embarrassing. Reporters should be beyond busy right now (and many are),  trying to get the story. Find new angles, write about the victims, get perspectives from people who’ve been there or from experts, contextualize it. Just waiting around for someone to tell you who did it so you know whether it’s going to be a “left” or “right” story isn’t actually journalism.  I don’t even think it’s blogging.  He could, for instance write about something else. It’s not the only story in the world.

This is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the beltway press. They literally see everything in the world in terms of the way it’s divided up (in their minds) politically. This is a very shallow view of humanity and it’s telling that they are anxious and “tortured” when faced with a lack of the information that would allow them to fit their news pegs neatly into their designated holes. I’ve always thought there was a psychological dimension to this and this seems to confirm it.

This attitude is a problem and not just for the press but for all of us. The world is a messy place and we need journalism that doesn’t rigidly adhere to a particular narrative in order to understand it. It’s gotten us into a lot of trouble in recent years.


Steve M. at NoMoreMisterNiceBlog also has SOMETHING TO SAY about Byers’ piece (scroll down on Steve’s post).


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