We should hope that the second Boston suspect is taken alive


Benjamin Witte makes a GOOD POINT:

It is very important that the remaining suspect be taken alive.

The New York Times has identified the two suspects as Chechen brothers, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev [above], 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26—the latter of whom is apparently dead. The most important thing, of course, is to apprehend and stop the remaining suspect before anyone else is killed or hurt. That may require the use of lethal force, and the state and federal law enforcement officers who are dealing with this situation will use their best judgment as to how to protect the public—and themselves.

But it is critically important to understand what, if any, connection these suspects have both to overseas terrorist groups and to domestic folks not yet tied to the bombing, and that project will be far easier if the surviving Mr. Tsarnaev is not killed. The question is important both for obvious reasons—if some group is attacking the United States, we need to understand with maximum precision who that is and who is involved—and for less obvious legal reasons: Is this a home-grown terrorist problem that’s purely a matter of criminal law? Is this a feature of the US’s existing armed conflict with Al Qaeda and its associated forces? Or is this some new overseas terrorist threat—an extra-AUMF threat—against the United States playing out in the streets of Cambridge and Watertown? Or is this an example of a blurry line between categories? The chance to interrogate a Mr. Tsarnaev who can still talk is the quickest and easiest way to answer these questions.



  1. I agree, we need to know if they operated alone or they are part of a much wider group of terrorists. Let us hope we don’t lose anymore lives to this B’tard. (hope that was OK in this instance)
    I feel sorry for David Sirota, he must be very disappointed.

  2. That would be ideal but I think he’s going to suffer the same fate as John Dillinger.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    If they shoot at his knees and take off a limb just start asking him questions if he doesn’t answer let him bleed out. Eye for an eye

  4. So apparently Brian is a liberal in favor of the death penalty?

    Oh wait, he didn’t describe the death penalty, he described a vigilante execution.

  5. Laurel Gollinger

    Thank God that another life (Suspect #2) wasn’t added to the losses. No life should be lost if it can be avoided. I’m hopeful that this man can live on – see justice – tell his story and also see salvation.

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