FBI reportedly checked out older Boston suspect a few years ago


The Boston bombing suspect killed early Friday apparently was NO STRANGER to the FBI:

The mother of both Boston bombing suspects claimed today that the men drew the attention of law enforcement long before the bombings. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva told Russia Today this morning that her sons told her the FBI was monitoring them for three to five years, ever since Tamerlan had grown more interested in Islam. She also said the bureau had warned her about her son’s use of extremist websites.


On Friday afternoon, the FBI admitted they had in fact interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev [above] two years ago and found nothing incriminating, CBS news reports. The agency conducted the interview at the request of a so-far unnamed foreign government, CBS says, to see if the elder Tsarnaev had any extremist ties—but their search turned up none.





  1. There’s many questions I’d like to know about these brothers, but among the first is are they a part of a larger group of sleeper cells in the USA from their region? How were they being supported? Were my tax dollars giving them aid and comfort?

    I read over 5 years ago that our government was more concerned about terrorist from Eastern Europe than they were about those in the Middle East. That these guys are from an area that hasn’t been publicly noted as an area of terrorist activity that could eventually harm people in America, was no secret to the NSA and FBI. Now the American people know there are people out there, who look just like us, who want to harm us.

    Maybe its time we really rethink our open borders. Used to be a time people came to America for a new beginning and they would be proud to call themselves American. Not anymore, many now hold onto their birth nation roots and bring to us the very conflicts they left their homeland for.

    I’m with Pat Buchanan on the issue of hyphenated cultural identities. I’m an American first, not a Sicilian American. I’m proud of my Sicilian and Northern European heritage, but that just what it is, my heritage. I’m an American first and for as many faults as we may have and even discuss on this board, we appreciate the freedoms our country provides to civilly express those differences.

    I may have strayed a little on the subject of this thread, but I’m tired of these people from other countries that bring to us their anger instead of their pursuit of the American dream (or whatever is left to pursue of it in these troubled times). We have plenty of ways to seek change available to us that don’t require violence, mayhem and murder.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    Robert, they win if we start acting out of fear,closing our boarders will not stop this insane idea of taking out people. Don’t let them win…!!

  3. Closing our borders is letting them win?

    It is common sense.

  4. Craig Knauss


    RE: closing out borders

    Why don’t you look up how many miles of border the U.S. has? And why don’t you look up what percentage of that is in or on open water? And how much is in wilderness areas?

    It’s like preventing all forms of cancer. It’s a fantastic idea, and some strives can be made in some areas, but it’s probably impossible to achieve total success.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Craig i think Doc agrees with you…?

  6. Craig Knauss


    I don’t think so. I get that doc thinks closing our borders is “common sense”. The gist of my post is that it’s virtually impossible to accomplish. I’ve seen places where someone could get into the U.S. with a small boat or on foot.

    The same thing applies to a lot of other countries. The CIA and NSA have been doing it to them for years.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    Craig, wasn’t he saying that we can’t close our boarders from a terrorist bombing…isnt that what he is saying…?

    I know it’s common sense that we can’t close them or it’s not fesible to think you cover that much territory.

  8. Monitoring borders and ports of entry, sure worked for keeping out Cuban cigars.

  9. If only we had closed our borders to Canadian-born Sen. Ted Cruz, the infamous Joe McCarthy impersonator.

  10. Good case and point, Pat.

  11. Brian Opsahl

    I needed that laugh today …thanks Pat,

    How soon before we here the rightys saying we need to change the law to let Cruz run for President….while licking the boots of Donald (bad haircut) Trump looks for the birth records of our 2 term President…?

  12. In my first post on this thread, I asked “There’s many questions I’d like to know about these brothers, but among the first is are they a part of a larger group of sleeper cells in the USA from their region? How were they being supported? Were my tax dollars giving them aid and comfort?”

    On the Comcast homepage, they have a link to a FOX News story that says these two as well as their parents, as well as the wife of the dead one, were receiving welfare benefits during the decade they lived here. They were saying something about coming here and claiming refugee status gets you on the welfare programs, but yet the parents and at least one brother returned to their native land.

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