Columnist for trashy Murdoch tabloid faults Obama for invoking fundamental American principles


No news medium in America, not even CNN, did a worse job at reporting the Boston story last week than the New York Post, a sleazy rag owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox News fame.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that one of the Post’s right-wing hatchet-men would SCOFF AT PRESIDENT OBAMA for saying this in the wake of the Boston bombings:

One of the things that makes America the greatest nation on Earth . . . is that we welcome people from all around the world — people of every faith, every ethnicity, from every corner of the globe. So as we continue to learn more about why and how this tragedy happened, let’s make sure that we sustain that spirit.

NOTE: The two young men pictured above on the front page of the Post were never suspects in the Boston case.

ADDENDUM: Lest anyone think my characterization of the Post as trashy is somehow unfair, check out these front pages:





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  1. Has Fox announced where Zooey Deschanel is hiding?

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