Here’s my 10,000th post on this blog


If each and every post I’ve published on this blog had paid me $100 — a mere fraction of their actual worth as pearls of wisdom that I pass along to the masses — I would have collected a million dollars.

But, alas, I’ve been paid a mere pittance. Oh, well, Vincent Van Gogh reportedly made only $210 from his paintings in his lifetime. Perhaps my art, like his, will gain the recognition it merits only after I’m gone.

Meanwhile, I take encouragement from the fact that each of these 10,000 posts over the past five years have been read, on average, by hundreds of people. Page-views of this blog, as I reported HERE a few months ago, now total more than 2.1 million. (So, never mind the thought of $100 per blog post. I’d be better off with just a dollar per page-view.)

Will I be around for another 10,000 posts? Probably not. By then, Hillary Clinton likely will be president, and I hope to land a cushy job in her administration — Assistant Secretary of Geezerhood, or something like that.

Anyway, I should be good for a few thousand more posts. There’s still lots of nonsense in this world I have to fight against.





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