Uh-oh! “The Dumbest Man on the Internet” is out with another doozy!


Jim Hoft (above), who calls himself the Gateway Pundit, is sometimes referred to as  “the Dumbest Man on the Internet” for coming up with STUFF LIKE THIS:

Claiming that [President] Obama celebrated the death of journalist Daniel Pearl.

Publishing a story derived from a satirical website state that a high school had rescinded its invitation to the President due to his “forged” birth certificate.

Deciding that the Times Square bomber was a registered Democrat.

Spreading some bull[bleep] survivalist fantasy about the Department of Homeland Security buying thousands of tanks (he earned a Drudge link for that effort).

Calling Desmond Tutu a “Jew Hater.”

Decrying a logo shaped like an atom at an international summit on nuclear issues as a sign of a MOOSLEM CONSPIRACY.

Describing the nice folks from the Westboro Baptist Church as a “left wing cult.”

Deciding that Obama was photoshopped into the situation room when Bin Laden was killed.

And then there was the time Hoft foolishly WROTE that a Jumbotron screen captioning a speech by Obama was prompting the audience to applaud.

And now Hoft has come up with another pile of nonsense, as we see HERE:

Every day is a Cornucopia of Fail at the website of the Internet’s Dumbest Man, and today he’s got an EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS BOMBSHELL about the evil Michelle Obama and her associations with terrorists!

Oh wait, actually, it’s not a terrorist. It’s that Saudi national who was injured in the Boston bombings, the guy who had absolutely nothing to do with perpetrating them. He’s in the hospital, and Michelle Obama visited that hospital to support the wounded victims, and since he’s a wounded victim Michelle Obama visited him too.

He’s not a terrorist. He’s a victim of terrorism. And he was only one of many people visited by the First Lady.

Yet somehow, in the dank murky swamp of Jim Hoft’s alleged mind, this is supposed to be incriminating evidence of … something.

But it gets even worse. This … something … goes all the way to the top, people. Jim’s BREAKING NEWS: someone with the same name as the non-terrorist Saudi student took a TOUR OF THE WHITE HOUSE … not once, but SEVERAL TIMES!



  1. He must not be so dumb if he can get people, like yourself, to publicize him for free.

  2. In my experience in the world of politics and activism, guys like this one in as well as others like Alex Jones, et al, for example, may not be what they appear to be. The intelligence agencies use people like these types to act as informants, agent provocatuer’s, to see who may be on the fringe or unstable and have potential to become like the two young men from Boston.

    It is not uncommon for the FBI and the NSA to develop relationships with people found on these type boards or even groups like The Birthers and The 911 Truth movements and other conspiracy driven meet-ups or anti-govt groups, to find lone wolfs they can develop into terrorists types, so they can then provide them with whatever WOMD they agree on, so they can then swoop in and arrest them and say see, were protecting the public. Happens all the time. The perps usually claim entrapment, but they end up being tried for terrorism and usually being convicted.

    Just saying, these type clowns may not be what they appear to be but actors playing a role for the intelligence agencies.

    Trevor Aaronson has done extensive investigation into this method of creating the very terrorist they arrest.

  3. The FBA and CIA develop people into terrorist types? Through inciteful media channels?

    A good laugh to start the day…

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