Why don’t right-wingers hate George W. Bush?


Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog has a LIST of reasons why today’s right-wing Republicans should loathe the memory of our 43rd president:

* In the wake of 9/11, Bush urged Americans not to demonize Muslims. In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, many right-wingers have been vigorously demonizing Muslims.

* Bush said (both during and after his presidency) that he’d like the U.S. prison he established at Guantanamo to be closed. Right-wingers have steadfastly refused to allow that to happen, even now when the prison is fall apart and the majority of inmates are on hunger strike.

* In 2008, Bush rejected an Israeli request for bunker-busting bombs to attack Iran. Right-wingers (and some non-right-wingers) continue to urge military action against Iran.

* Bush pushed for immigration reform as president, and hopes reform can pass now. Many (most?) right-wingers are unswervingly opposed to immigration reform.

* Bush pushed through a stimulus package in 2008 after his policies helped cause a financial collapse. Many right-wingers advocate a balanced budget amendment that would effectively make it impossible to do stimulus spending in a recession.



  1. Neftali

    Liberals: Name one Bush policy that helped cause the financial collapse.

  2. Bush failed to adequately regulate the financial sector much like his flyover of New Orleans after Katrina. His lack of leadership and ability to take sufficient action merely exacerbated the problem.

  3. Neftali, Can’t argue with you there. It was Clnton, Rubin and Larry Summers and the Republican congress of the late 90’s that got rid of Glass – Steagal as well as reformed the telecommunication rules to allow consolidation of the major media companies as well as allowed for the takeover of the Am airwaves to mostly, should say overwhelmingly, conservative talk show host.

    Dr Laura used to be as liberal as one could be in the 90s, but she saw the change coming and became an ultra conservative talk show host and made many enemies by that change. That’s how much media people are whores these days for whatever way the wind is blowing. Very few remain true to their nature.

  4. Brian Opsahl

    Nef, I have been listing all week the many reasons everything came apart during his FAILED Presidency.

    I might have to see Doc for Carpal tunnel syndrom from all that typing,and we all know that no matter what we tell you Nef your going to defend the guy you voted for twice.

    Conservatives are desperatly trying to convice even themselves that Bush wasn’t as bad as he really was. Big problem though…to many bad things happened during the Commander in Chief’s 8 year slide into a near depression.

    Clinton after his 8 years in office handed Bush a budget surplus of some 350…billion something….for the really slow folks like Nef that means the Government was taking in more than it spent, and the dept we owed was close to 5 trillion. When your idiot Bush left office he was spending some 800 to 900 billion more than we took in and had the LARGEST Government expansion in HISTORY.

    Bush approved spending us into the stratosphere all on the credit card….that NOW they want to complain about….now we are spending to much…not when Bush was Prez….just now that it’s a Democrat…ask Paul Ryan since he let Bush spend as much as he wanted on anything ….but he NOW complains about the deficit….

    You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it is insane to cut taxes when you are fighting wars…..but not Bush ….and look what happened…Nef..look at those 8 yaers did to us…?

  5. OT – Brian.. re: Carpel Tunnel… where are you being impacted by the pain? I had a similar situation because of my typing and the placement of my hands and forearms, and found a cure without surgery.. but it depends on where the pain/burning sensation is.

  6. Brian Opsahl

    30 years of welding and building things with my hands has worn them out,but i was really being sarcastic,all the pain that comes with getting out of bed starts after 50 I guess

  7. Ok – cuz if it was in the elbow region, basically tennis elbow, there’s a band you can wear for about 6 months and then your back to normal ( as well as modifying your work station to eliminate continued irritation). I like to use as many alternative medical remedies as possible. Becoming familiar with alternative remedies is going to be a big thing for boomers, as we aren’t going to have the same affordable medical care our parents had in their elder years.

    The corporations and the govt treated the American workforce to all sorts of perks when they needed our labor, now they don’t need us and want all that money we paid into the social security/medicare et al programs, given to them in the form of govt no bid contracts and to hell with us boomers. Notice how the politicians never reduce their perks. Austerity is for us, not them. But I digress.

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