In praise of the prom lottery at my alma mater in Freeport

As my 18-year-old daughter prepares this week for her high school prom on Saturday night, I can’t help but think of the wonderfully unique prom tradition at the school from which I graduated nearly 53 years ago.

It’s a lottery.

For more than 80 years now, juniors and seniors at Aquin Central Catholic High School in Freeport, Ill., have used blind draws to determine with whom they’ll be attending the annual prom.

The boys gather in one room and, one at a time, draw names from a container and then proceed to another room where they formally ask the awaiting girls to be their prom dates.

In my day, the process, while a lot of fun, was devoid of any calculated theatrics. Today, they do it with costumes and skits and such.

Here’s a video of the Aquin prom drawing of four years ago:




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