The struggle of our time is not between religions so much as within them


THIS POST on Andrew Sullivan’s blog merits widespread circulation:

The struggle of our time is not between religions so much as within them. The battle is between fundamentalist certainty and religious humility; between those who see divine truth and seek to live by it, and those who think they see divine truth and want to impose it on others; it is between Islam and Jihadism, between Christianity and Christianism, between the humane ethics of Judaism and the extremist bigotry of many West Bank Settlers. Until these internal struggles are resolved, the external dangers will endure.

Take special note, please, of the words of Salam al-Maravati in Sullivan’s post. They concern two competing views of Sharia law among Muslims.



  1. Gay basketball players? What’s next, Gay journalists?

  2. Brian Opsahl

    From everything I learned in my Church (Bethlaham Luthern) and in the teachings,is to love thy neighbor,NOT love thy neighbor only if he is straight. and stay the hell out of somebody elses bedroom should be for all of us.

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