This didn’t take long: ESPN commentator trashes gay NBA player, says he’s not a real Christian


Methinks that Chris Broussard (above) has only demonized himself with stuff like THIS:

An ESPN sportscaster went on the air on Monday to publicly gay-bash Jason Collins, the NBA player who came out Monday morning in an emotional op-ed, the first active male player of a major American sport to come out.

Speaking on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, Chris Broussard said that he would “not characterize [Collins] as a Christian.” He made the comments in front of his openly gay colleague, LZ Granderson…

Granderson reacted strongly to Broussard’s comments, saying, “I really don’t need Chris or anyone else telling me if I’m a Christian because Jesus tells me I am.”

Broussard has previously written that he believes that he believes the NBA is “ready” for the first out player. But in that same essay, he also said it would make him “a little uncomfortable” to shower with a gay teammate. He also cast his doubt that being gay is biological, writing, “there are many scientists on both sides of the genetic debate, and I believe a truly objective person would admit the biological evidence for homosexuality is far from definitive.”



  1. DougTucson

    Broussard will do anything to get some attention. Let us hope that he does it from now on as a free agent, and not a spokesperson at ESPN. Maybe he could spend his free time thinking about Jesus’ dictum: Judge not, that ye be not judged.

  2. Neiman

    Thank God for a young man who is simply exercising his
    First amendment rights ! More importantly
    Choosing to stand for the kingdom ( of CHRIST) &
    Not the constitution. Amen

  3. Brian

    It is sad to see the comments made by Chris Broussard twisted. The summary above is not accurate.

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