Uh-oh! St. Sarah Palin tweets a few vulgarisms!


As I made clear HERE the other day,  I consider the annual White House Correspondents Dinner a bad thing.

Well, it turns out that Sarah Palin also disapproves of the dinner — and does so with LANGUAGE that might surprise and perhaps even offend some of her admirers.

As Captain Renault of “Casablanca” fame might put it, I am shocked, shocked at Palin’s choice of words.



  1. Steverino

    Apparently Sinking Sarha needs a new dress with accessories.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    I think she is just mad she didn’t get invited and the Duck Dynasty folks did..

  3. Sodakhic

    Boy, Sarah nailed that pathetic event. Think they could raise money without trashing Conservatives.

  4. Brian Opsahl

    They made fun of everybody including themselves…Really Dude..!!
    The only thing Sarah nailed was her husband….I hope..!!

  5. Steverino

    Palin’s not the strapping young princess she used to be.

  6. I find that the genius commenter above who calls himself Sodakhic said in another forum last month that Sarah Palin has coined the following terms: hockey moms, pit bulls, lipstick, momma grizzlies, repudiate, Lamestream media, death panels and American exceptionalism.

    Of course, that’s just pure rubbish. The word “repudiate,” for example, goes back to the 16th century.

    Maybe Palin told Sodakhic that she coined all those terms — and he believed her.

    Anyway, a Google search indicates that Sodakhic spends his every waking hour writing comments in defense of Palin to publications all over the world.

    He seems blissfully unaware that she will never ever be elected to national office.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    She attented the party’s 2 years ago as a guest of MSNBC as was reported last nite,and they said she had a good time ,also her husband Todd and daughter attented 3 years ago.

    She doesn’t have a gig no more so to get her face on lame stream media she hates so much she pulls this stunt….and that’s all this is…

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