Poll: Most Americans opposed to U.S. military involvement in Syria


Warmongers Lindsay Graham and John McCain aren’t going to like THIS:

Most Americans continue to say that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to intervene in Syria and think that North Korea is a threat that can be contained for now, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

Sixty-two percent of Americans continue to say the United States does not have a responsibility to intervene in the fighting in Syria, while 24 percent of Americans think the United States does have a responsibility to do something about the fighting between government forces and anti-government groups there — a four point increase since last month.

Most Democrats, Republicans, and independents agree that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to get involved in the conflict in Syria.

Even as news of the possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was announced by the Obama Administration, fewer Americans are paying attention to news about Syria than were doing so last month. In March, slightly more than half of all Americans were following news about Syria at least somewhat closely. Now, four in 10 say they are doing so, including just 10 percent who are following it very closely.

Still, those following the news about Syria very closely are far more likely to think the U.S. has a responsibility to get involved there. Nearly half (47 percent) of that group thinks the U.S. has a responsibility to get involved there — though about as many do not (48 percent).



  1. Steverino

    Bush would have handled this conflict by invading Norway.

  2. We need some new younger blood in the house and senate. Ones that don’t see every country as an apple to be picked and carved up in the name of unbridled capitalism masquerading as the spreading of democracy. My fear is with so many young people blogging, texting, tweeting, facebooking, and every other form of telling everybody what you’re doing every waking moment of the day, there won’t be many left to run who won’t have their post thrown at them to be discredited. Then all we will have left will be the ones that have no shame and will sell themselves like a whore to the corps. But I digress.

    What about the chemical and biological weapons we’ve tested on our population? There’s plenty of records of that activity right here in the USA.

  3. PS – For example, let’s begin with the use of smallpox infected blankets given to the Native Americans during those wars.

  4. Neftali

    Yeah, good thinking Robert. While we’re at it, lets worry about the Dakota War of 1862. Say, how about that Battle of Hastings! That one still irks me. We should do something about that.

    Try living in this century for once.

  5. I said let’s begin. Doesn’t mean we have to stay in that era.

    Nef, what biological warfare did they use in the Battle of Hastings back in the 11th century, lead infused wine from faulty glazed ceramic containers?

    “Try living in this century for once”. But our past is so colorful. And I do enjoy bringing up things that irk you. Little pleasures add up.

  6. Craig Knauss


    This century is only 13 years old. And you frequently bring up things from the 20th Century, such as Bill Clinton’s administration. And here’s a hot flash: most of the testing Robert was talking about occurred during the Cold War, when our government sprayed mild chemical and organic substances from airplanes to see how they would spread through the population. We did a lot of questionable (stupid?) things back then. For example, did you know some of the Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missiles had small nuclear warheads on them? That was before we fully understood the affects of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) would have on our own communications and electrical systems.

  7. Neftali

    None of this has anything to do with Syria, which is what this post is supposed to be about, hence the well deserved condensing remark against Robert.

    What is relevant is another failure of the Obama administration. They tried to borrow a line from Netanyahu and stated that use of chemical or biological weapons was the “red line” that should not be crossed. So now that red line has been crossed, and the administration is backing down.

    Its like the smart aleck kid at the playing drawing a line in the sand and proclaims to the bully “I dare you to step across the line!” So the bully steps over the line. So now what? Draw another line and say “I double-dog dare you to step over this line!”

  8. Orlando Clay

    Neftali writes: “None of this has anything to do with Syria, which is what this post is supposed to be about, hence the well deserved condensing [sic] remark against Robert.”

    Condensing? You’re a real riot, Nef! Try c-o-n-d-e-s-c-e-n-d-i-n-g.

    Pretty ironic, huh?

    Don’t be too embarrassed. Your beloved Great Decider and war-criminal-in-chief, George W. Bush, would be very proud of you, son!

    Tell us, Nef, do you plan to take up painting portraits anytime soon?

  9. “Even as news of the possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was announced by the Obama Administration, …”

    This will be the justification for any involvement the USA chooses against Syria. I’d say my comment was very relevant.

  10. Neftali

    Just ran across this cartoon which mimics my comment…


  11. Neftali: That cartoon probably strikes warmongers as absolutely hilarious. It shows that Obama guy to be quite the wimp, doesn’t it?

  12. He shouldn’t draw lines in the sand in red.

    Brown might work better for him. They are easier to erase that way.

  13. Easy to erase? Like Bin Laden?

    W drew his lines in the sand too. Unfortunately they were about 2000 miles from our enemy, but right next to that oil Cheney wanted.

  14. Craig Knauss

    Maybe Nef and doc can tell us what color lines their chickenhawk heroes draw?

  15. What heroes? I don’t remember them drawing a red line. Our current CIC did that.. Now, even the Koch brothers future newspaper is reporting on the waffling of the President.


  16. In today’s world and probably since their inception, the CIA, the Mossad, MI6, and KGB are all capable of fomenting just about any situation necessary to achieve the end result. “You need it to appear the Syrian leader used biological warfare on his own people. Piece of cake. “

  17. expdoc


    The Syrian leader used chemical weapons on his people.

  18. Brian Opsahl

    If Bush would have done his homework instead of jumping in with Cheney on Iraq,we would still have over 1.3 trillion in taxpayers money,and more than 100,000 Iraqs would still be alive today…

    Syria has air defences that are no pushover and the Rebels are not frendly to us so why chance it.

  19. Neftali

    And women in Iraq still wouldn’t have the right the vote, still no freedom of the press, the country would still be under the tyranny of a dictatorship, the country would be ran by one dominate religious group with no rights to other sects.

    But hey, as long as we save a few bucks and a few lives, right Brian? I mean, who really cares about personal freedom and liberty anyway? In fact, that whole Civil War thing the United States went through must really bother you. After all, we lost over 1/2 million lives in that thing. Yeah, granted, blacks ended up being free and all that, but we would have been better off if that whole war never happened, right Brian?

  20. expdoc

    I believe there are more than 100,000 Iraqis alive today.

    If you are trying to say an additional 100,000 Iraqis are dead because of the war, that would not have died otherwise, you may still be wrong. Hussein was a brutal dictator and he definitely had used chemical weapons on his own people.

    Of course that has little to do witht the red line that our current President has drawn in dry-erase marker.

  21. I believe there are more than 100,000 needlessly dead Iraqis today. And that’s no squirrel.

    Iraq is no less corrupt or brutal today than under Hussein, and certainly far less stable. Mission not accomplished.

  22. Steverino

    Add to the mix Israel’s concern for safety while they build on their neighbors backyard creating more instability among Arab nations.

  23. Robert

    Where was and is all the concern about all the Black Tribal people in Africa who are ruthlessly slaughtered daily and been so for decades. Often times with hatchets and machete’s and in some cases where many are accused of witchcraft, they are burned alive or beheaded. Where’s all the concern and bluster to rush into war in Africa?

    A guy I knew, who is of German ancestry but an American, and who is also a Republican, told me that the reason we jump into wars with in countries like Iraq is because they look like us and resemble our countries European roots. This guy was very articulate, not the ignorant type that is so often associated with rightwing thinking. I thought what he said had a grain of truth to it. Why else do we let the Black people in Africa get slaughtered and not a peep out of the warmongers and chickenhawks on the right. Because they don’t look like us?

    Where’s the outrage for all the deaths in Africa? Why aren’t we marching off to war there and why aren’t the righties on this board showing their concern for human rights of those people?

  24. expdoc

    I am concerned for the human rights of all people. But I didn’t see the CIC draw a red line in the Africa. He said it about Syria and if he doesn’t follow through on his committment then we are weakened around the world.

    Africa is a mess, much worse than the Middle East.

    If you want to read an amazing book about one mans survival from African genocide, I strongly suggest the book “Strength In What Remains”. It is an unbelievable story that does a good job describing the senseless violence that goes on in Africa (in this case Burundi).

  25. Brian Opsahl

    Do you only care anout Iraq women ….women in Africa are treated way worse,why didn’t your Bush attack them…? I will tell you why…..that dirty little 3 word’s …O I L

    Before attacking another Country lets make sure that there is actully use of gases and NOT the kind of BS that Bush used….absolutly sure this time…WMDs …!!

  26. Robert

    The reason no line in the sand isn’t presented by the CIC about Africa and the daily carnage that happens there is probably because he’s not goaded into it by the parties that want endless war for endless profit. At some point in the future, when we’ve invaded every country possible and only Africa is left, then there will be discovered, some strategic need by the USA to go into Africa en masse with our military and rescue what’s left of those poor people and all the reasons the warmongers use for invading the ME, will be used on Africa.

    By the way, we’re a long way from completing the total remake of the ME as part of the PNAC agenda. Obama is just as much a Neocon as the administration before him was. It’s just not talked about, but his actions and uses of the military are no different than Bush’s and his advocacy for even more intrusive intelligence gathering on the American people is advancing along just like Bush’s was. Probably even more so. At least Bush went after Kenny Boy, a big donor to the Republican party. Obama and his DOJ haven’t done nothing to the people responsible for the destruction of the economy and the required ongoing bailouts at the expense of benefits that the American people could have reaped had this not occurred. Austerity is for the little people… that’s many of us who post on this board. I’m an equal opportunity commenter when it comes to the BS that comes out of both parties. Why is it I never see that sort of contrition from people on the right?

  27. Neftali

    Brian and Robert – You are both mistaken (again)

    I am very concerned about the various human rights atrocities in Africa. But you dimwits keep on bringing up Iraq, so that’s why the conversation revolves around there.

    Like I’ve already stated previously, I have little doubt some of the reason behind the Iraq war is in fact oil. And its not a bad thing, contrary to what liberals believe. If our intelligence sources were correct, there could have been colossal damages in the Middle East. The repercussions would have been beyond comprehension. You think our last recession was bad? That’s nothing if the price oil would skyrocket to $20/gallon or more. We were protecting global economic security, in addition to promoting peace and freedom for citizens in Iraq.

    Going back to Africa, I recall vividly the genocides of Rawanda in the mid 90s, where possibly up to 1 million citizens where slaughtered. Our last liberal President, Bill Clinton, sent in a measly 200 non-combatant troops to distribute relief supplies and not much else. Later, when asked about the Rwanda Crisis, Clinton called it his worst failure, admitting “I blew it.”

    Take that in contrast to Bush, who has received wide praise for his efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.


    Now we have Benghazi and now Syria. Admit it, you liberals just kinda suck at foreign policy.

  28. expdoc

    Oil isn’t a dirty word Brian.

    Fossil fuels and the development of them as an energy source have been one of the great discoveries in human history.

  29. Oh I agree Nef. Good thing W protected our economy by preemptively invading Iraq. Wall Street sure reacted well, as did our nationa’s bottom line.

  30. expdoc

    “Why is it I never see that sort of contrition from people on the right?”

    You clearly haven’t been paying attention to some of my posts.

  31. Brian Opsahl

    We suck at foreign policy…really..!!

    I watched a clip of an Iraq guy throwing 2 shoes at Bush at a press conference…remember that …by the time Bush left office the entire world hated us …again…even after all that compasion we got after 911.

    That Texas cowboy crap didn’t go over very well with the rest of the world,but Nef wants you to beleive exactly the opposite happened….Nef during the period fron say 2001 till 2008 was it possible you were in a COMA..!!…the entire time…?

  32. Brian Opsahl

    Attacking a Country because they have OIL is very wrong Doc…nobody said it was a dirty word,of course we all depend on it,but we have no right taking it from a weeker group …do we Doc.

  33. Neftali

    Brian – The “Whole world hates us?” Honestly, I’m getting really tired of proving you wrong on every single point.

    If everyone hates us, explain why Albania put up a statue of George W Bush?


    John Kerry recently said that Bush’s AIDS program, PEPFAR, saved 5 million lives. I bet all kinds of people hate us for that.

    Your whole lame argument revolves around 1 stupid shoe-thrower. Heck, I can find thousands of picks of people in foreign countries doing various bad things to pics of Obama. It means nothing. If you want to say something factual, you can point to world-wide polls which state that the perception of the United States has improved since Obama took office. On that, I would have no problem with, because its factual. But to claim everyone hates is really absurd.

    Finally, we didn’t attack Iraq to “take their oil.” That’s possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard. We were preserving the market for it.

  34. Brian Opsahl

    My whole argument is from living through that mess,and reading you trying to re-write history on the subject is becomeing humorious,but confusing from you changing reasons all the time….so now it’s the women…ok what’s next the little kids that lost there parents from Bush’s lies are really happy because we killed them instead of Saddam….you sure use some twisted logic…sir..!!

  35. Brian Opsahl


    3000 thousand American lives lost on 911 …the most since pearl harbor…?

  36. Robert

    I’m stuck. What did GWB do that saved so many lives in Africa? Genocide is a regular occurence there still. What did he do? Providing medicine for AIDS is nice, but what about the ongoing genocide? That’s the big problem there and a big reason why we are being pushed into war with Syria…We didn’t go to war with Africa over the genocide, just the ME.. Your comparing apples and flashlights.

  37. expdoc

    Funding for AIDS therapy isn’t “nice”.

    It translates to millions of lives saved.

  38. W trying to make up for his Dad’s mistakes again, with far better results this time, I must admit.

    Had the OG Bush taken bold action against AIDS when President, his lifesaving stats could have dwarfed his son’s. Alas, HIV was still a gay man’s disease back then… controllable simply through changing “personal behavior.”


  39. Robert

    Hey Iraq, how’s all that freedom working out for ya?

    Iraq Violence Leads To Deadliest Month In 5 Years

    With more than 700 people killed in just 30 days, April was the deadliest month in Iraq in five years.


  40. Robert

    This is interesting. The UN says it appears the Syrian rebels may be the ones who used Sarin gas (if it was used at all), not the government of Syria? Aren’t the rebel forces the ones that McCain and Graham and all the war mongers want the USA to provide weapons to? Gee, who profits from that? Now why would the rebels use Sarin gas on the people of Syria? What would that accomplish… like I said in an earlier post, the CIA, MI6, The Mossad and the KGB all are capable of such events. Covert actions is how they work.

    Destabilization of govt’s is part of what they do. It’s interesting how the right wing in our country want all things war and don’t believe for a moment that factions within our own govt might have an agenda that isn’t being made public. Nobody wants to believe they were used and manipulated. Not even right wingers, the easiest of all to manipulate and Fox knows that. And people wonder why conspiracy’s get started. Conspiracy is a legal term. It’s in place for a reason.

    There are forces in our govt whether in public or behind the scenes that want American involvement in that civil war. I’m grateful that President Obama is thinking this matter over and not reacting to people pushing the buttons he put out there, to force him into supporting their position. I suspect in the future he won’t put out conditions to meet so the factions that want our involvement, can create those conditions and then pressure him into supporting their objectives. Thank you President Obama for not falling for this. It’s obvious he knew something wasn’t right.


  41. Robert

    You mean to tell me nobody cares that we could have gone to war on bogus information once again had the UN not discovered that the sarin gas was not used by the Syrian govt. Are people memories that short? My guess here (see the above post for the article about the new findings) is Israel wanted the USA to take a more active role. I suspect the Mossad, at the behest of Netanyahu, was behind the sarin gas story (and usage if that’s happened but even that is in question) in order to force Obama’s hand. It didn’t work so far…

  42. Brian Opsahl

    Of course we care Robert and the biggest thig is the guy in charge is at least making sure we don’t repeat the Iraq misstake

  43. Robert

    I just thought this new twist, which I said was a strong possibility many days before the latest news showing the Syrian government wasn’t behind the use of gas on its people, would have invoked more comments.

    I’m not really amazed at how gullible the public is when they are spoon fed information that is designed to bring them along, as much as I am disappointed that people aren’t more skeptical to begin with. Especially after we’ve been lied to so many times by officials from within the government as well as the un-inquisitive media that just does what it’s told.

    I thought there was some law about not propagandizing the American people? But it seems to be the status quo and its up to a minority of people to show otherwise, who often times have to endure being called conspiracy theorist and all the other derogatory terms to destroy their credibility, even though they may be in part or 100% right.

  44. Brian Opsahl

    You just described the Fox business model…lol

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