Right-wingers fall for bogus report that Saudis warned America in writing about elder Tsarnaev brother


Charles Johnson has the STORY:

Every single right wing blogger on the Innernets is freaking out today. Yes, again.

Would you believe they’re all falling for yet another unsourced story from UK tabloid The Daily Mail, claiming that Saudi Arabia sent a letter warning about the elder Tsarnaev brother in 2012? Universally falling for it, despite the fact that the Daily Fail’s coverage of the Boston bombings has been absolutely horrible, and ridiculously full of falsehoods?

Well, of course they are! Because they see it as an opportunity to attack the Obama administration again, and they have no credibility left to waste, so why not just go nuts?

Meanwhile, both the Saudi government and the US government say the Daily Mail has failed again, which really should come as no surprise to anyone with half a brain — which excludes the entire right wing blogosphere.

UPDATE: There’s more on this matter HERE.

UPDATE II: The last I checked, even Fox News isn’t buying this crap from the Daily Mail. The Fox Web site hasn’t mentioned the matter.


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  1. Brian Opsahl

    I thought the wingnuts said that Michelle Obama was hiding the terrorist in the White House…according to Alex Jones the crazy republican

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