Parsing the lies of Ron and Rand Paul

Lawrence O’Donnell does a masterful job of exposing the falsehoods of the Pauls, father and son alike.




  1. Brian Opsahl

    Rand Paul led the republicans in blocking the vote for a bill before Congress that would have given Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans job preferences when they returned from combat.

    His excuse for shafting our Veterans was he wanted offsetting spending cuts to match up the 1 billion dollar cost of the program…very sad that you would ask a person to die for your freedom and Country then not help provide a job opportunity when they come home…That’s the real Republican Rand Paul…?

  2. Matthew

    Mr. Cunningham:

    The O’Donnell piece was proven to be untrue or arguable based on video taken during the Boston area lockdown (including video footage of other news channels) and posted on Youtube – sorry to have to break it to you.

  3. You socialists are running scared already and it’s not even campaign season yet. Lawrence O’Donnell is like the media’s junk yard dog, chained in the corner, drooling over every conservative, libertarian or non-socialist leg that passes by his pit bull jaw. He’s a liar, a deflector and he uses his uncontested monologues to prove his point. Wouldn’t we all like to receive big bucks to scold the “enemy” in the mirror without response. Old MacDonald O’Donnell is a hatchet man hired by his handlers to vilify anyone who questions the Obama regime. He and Chris Matthews get the old trickle up the leg over their king and they will get frothy in the mouth when anyone resists the regime.

    Is Pat Cunningham starting to froth up alittle himself? Wipe your chin, Pat, you’re drooling all over yourself.

  4. bridget panzer

    What you do not understand is that Hitler was the spokesperson for the NAZI which stood for the German Socialist Party. Socialism means that the government takes from people that work to pay for people that don’t work. Mental note—-This does not make people that work very happy unless it is giving to a charity of their choice.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Really Bridget…Hitler..?

    If Mr.Obama is a socialist….he really sucks at it.

    We pay taxes for services and programs that are usully geard towards the poor.
    however when Reagan took over it became about corporations and big money taking over and they now get the lions share of the wefare money,but you never hear a republican complain about this…except Ted

  6. Brian Opsahl

    So do you republicans approve of Rand Paul blocking that bill for our Veterans…?

  7. Robert

    bridget panzer, You must be another viewer of Fox News and listen to right wing radio. You’re spewing more rubbish from the ignorant far right. The Nazi’s were National Socialist and that has nothing to do with socialism. The Nazi’s hated socialism. Nazi’s were extreme right wingers, they hated all the types of people the Republican party base does or did at that time in history, intellectuals, homosexuals, Jews, Gypsy’s, basically all things they considered liberal as well as socialists and communists. Sound familiar?

    The Nazi Party was aligned with business, particularly big business related to the military (sound familiar to something in current times?). Hitler employed many of the ways the Republicans of today use when they talk about smaller government (aka less regulations) . The Nazi’s were fascists. They stood for the supremacy of the state over the individual. Same as the Italian Government did and both were allies back then. Maybe you should tell friends at Fox to look up the Pact of Steel, aka, The Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Italy and Germany.

    I’m not going to go as far as to say the Republican Party of today is aligned with the Nazi Party of the 1930s and 40s, but they are aligned with business and that’s why the term fascists is often times used in describing Republicans. These days though, both parties are aligned with big business since labor and the unions that represented them are being dismantled and becoming less and less influential for the American worker.

    I suggest you seek truth over far right propaganda that comes out of Fox and many if not most of the right wing radio commentators. History is fascinating as it happened, not as its being re-written by the far right Republicans to cover up the horrible associations that the American Republican party had with the Nazi Party and big business of that era.

  8. Craig Knauss

    bridget, you are hysterical! Not only don’t you know what “Nazi” meant, you don’t have a clue who the Nazis were. Hitler was ultra far right. He hated communists and socialists and came to power to rid Germany of all of them. He aligned himself with far right dictators in Spain (Franco), Italy (Mussolini), and the Emperor of Japan (Hirohito). He briefly aligned with Stalin, then double-crossed him and murdered millions of Russians (along with the Jews, Gypsies, socialists, dissidents, etc.). Hitler also coddled his war manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, Messerschmitt, Volkswagen, Fokker, Daimler, etc. And he stressed an ethnically-pure (Aryan) Germany by expelling or persecuting anyone who wasn’t Aryan.

    BTW, maybe you should check out Norway, Sweden, and some of the other socialistic governments and find out how “unhappy” they are.

    Oh, and FYI, the German tanks were called “Panzers”.

  9. Rand Paul’s hypocrisy and lies know no bounds. IT began with he and his wife creating a fake Board to SELF CERTIFY HIM as a specialist and eye doctor even though he has and had NO such certification from the one body one needs the American Association of Ophthalmology. Why not take the boards and show you actually have the proper credentials instead of misrepresenting yourself to patients. But this was only the beginning he keeps misrepresenting a lot of issues and fake morals. While he critiques Bill Clinton a past of what can be considered fraud or misrepresentation is hardly a showing of morals. But then since he has a problem c ontrolling his own son perhaps he should get off the soap box of morality when his only true belief is in personal greed.

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