John McCain’s never-ending search for a non-existent Benghazi scandal

John McCain, Sarah Palin

Poor John McCain!

His efforts to produce a Benghazi scandal are as pathetic and futile as his bid for the presidency was.

Steve Benen EXAMINES McCain’s rhetoric on the Benghazi matter:

“My friends, it’s a cover-up.”

McCain neglected to explain what “it” is. “It’s” a cover-up? What’s a cover-up?

When he appeared on “Meet the Press” recently, host David Gregory asked this simple question: “A cover-up of what?” McCain turned belligerent and dodged the question.

It’s been that kind of controversy for months — Republicans and Fox News continue to ask questions that have already been answered, and continue to insist there’s an amorphous scandal hiding just out of sight, which they can neither identify nor explain. What’s more, they just can’t let go.


[T]here was an independent investigation of the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, led in part by the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There have been multiple hearings in the House and Senate, spanning a half-dozen committees. House Republicans even produced a strange report of their own.

But now House Republicans not only want more hearings, they want a special panel to launch another investigation. Why? To answer unresolved questions. And which questions are unresolved? They haven’t the foggiest idea, but seem to think a special committee might find something useful anyway.

I get the sense Republicans realize how absurd all of this is, but can’t seem to help themselves. They’ve already fallen down the rabbit hole, and apparently don’t see the point of trying to crawl back up. Indeed, why bother? Fox and the party base are still engaged, and maybe GOP policymakers can squeeze another few fundraising letters out of this fiasco.



  1. Wow. McCain has to know that no one will remember him as the heroic POW or the freethinking Senator who refused to toe the party line. That seems like a completely different man from a long ago millenium. He’s now the addled war monger who picked Palin to be one heartbeat from leading the free world.

    I respected him when Bush smeared his family in SC during the 2000 primaries. He refused to respond in kind. Today he couldn’t find the high road with GPS and a police escort.

  2. Robert

    I think the change in McCain is a reflection of the ruthlessness that has taken over the Republican Party. If you can’t beat’em, join’em is obviously motivating him. He’s lost his soul and what made him an individual. If they don’t tow the line, they get the likes of Rush Limbaugh and all the other rightwing radio pundits on their backs and then they have to apologize. Apologize to a man who says he’s an entertainer. Even Frank Luntz said recently how the likes of Rush Limbaugh has destroyed the ability of the parties to work together.

    (Note to Pat).. I think we know who the regular posters are on this blog. I’d like to know how many views this blog gets from non posters just reading the commentaries. Do you have any numbers on that silent group?

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Ditto Luke,

    McCain always would stand up to his party’s BS and call it like he seen it..and that will get you respect…at least from us lefty’s

  4. Steverino

    Why doesn’t McCain leave the whole Benghazi conspiracy to Palin, she loves Italy.

  5. Guess we’ll find out a little more on may 8th….how’s that campaign coming for ol Hillary? She still “smarting” from that butt ripping she took by Ran Paul? I thought she was a tougher man than that…

  6. The fact that the President of the United States and his administration have implicated themselves in a massive cover up and a roost of lies and deceit.If this does not bother you then
    you should get your silly self into your hole an stay there.If you are not going to report the hearings and headlines leading up to them then that is your loss.To come out with a story like this one sickens me.John McCain did not and would not involve himself in this type of cover up, up even if it made him the President of the US. He or staff would not tell one lie after another.He would have been put under so much pressure, he would have been forced to resign.This is about the extremes that Barrack Obama and his cronies have resorted to.They have brought this on themselves with there arrogance.From sending Susan Rice out to spew out the narrative, that it was the direct result of a movie,Please! Hillary Clinton’s best shot at showing outrage after going AWOL with her head injury.What difference does it make!(This is about loss of four Americans lives.That is the difference.)Then here come Jay not Leno, Carney, Benghazi was a long time ago.(Good Try) it has only been so long because of the withholding of requested information or not providing the names of the survivors.Is it easier to to slam anyone who is trying to get the
    to the truth be honest, to tell the truth to the american people and more important the Family of those who were killed.This is what the facts are, you can shake it up, twist it, blame somebody else, and not report it, your choice.It definitely could not be about a President who went to bed instead of doing his job.Protecting American people. So he could go campaigning the next morning! Steve Benin, you need to step back and take your hand put in in your pants and see if you still have yours? I know John McCain has his.

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