Violent reaction to Glenn Beck’s name-dropping at NRA convention

This video mocks Glenn Beck’s preposterous recruitment of Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other unlikely folks to the cause of unfettered gun ownership.




  1. Brian Opsahl

    When beck gave his speach at the national republican assosiation or NRA, he put up a picture of what he called Micheal Bloomburg doing the ziek hiel salute, and even that crowed was a little shocked at what he did…not to mention that Mr.Bloomburg is jewish…very sad at how low this guy will go..!!

  2. Eric Smith

    Notice that photo he had of Vladimir Lenin has an armband on him-a staple of the Nazi uniforms. The original Lenin photo does not have it. And he wants us to believe there’s no Hitler relation to his comments? What garbage. What’s even more disgusting is how much money he makes off of his ignorant opinions-using this type of trash and disrespexct…and the people that buy his books and buy into this nonsense.

  3. Piyush Randhawa

    Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.

    — Mohandas K. Gandhi, An Autobiography

    And why do I regard the British rule as a curse?…[B]y the policy of disarmament, it has degraded us spiritually. Lacking inward strength, we have been reduced, by all but universal disarmament, to a state bordering on cowardly helplessness.

    — Mohandas K. Gandhi, First Letter to Lord Irwin

    But, hey, who cares what Gandhi actually thought about gun control, this random idiot put together a half-baked video!

  4. If Glenn Beck really believes in Jesus, he would know that Jesus did not preach owning guns to fight with each other, or even to use guns to protect each other. Really believe in Jesus you will not need guns.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Glen Beck is about as religious as satan himself…as he has been doing the work of said Satan

  6. Paula

    are there that many stupid people out there, owning a gun is are right, you say that God don.t want us too. God had his army too. so many evil people out there, Lord Help you all when you stand in front of God on judgement day, won,t have a public defender there with you, I don’t think that Glen Beck is Satan or does his work, your looking in the wrong place for satan helper, I can think of many other that are working for satan, maybe you should read the bible or hear the word of the end time, you would know where the satan workers are located, the United State would be better off with out the Gov, controlling everthing we do, what has happen to us that we think that the gov should support us, go to work and fin for our self, God Bless those that know his word,

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