Refuting the Republican right’s latest canards about Benghazi


Here are the myths:

The White House And State Department Edited References To Terrorism Out Of Talking Points For Political Purposes.

Benghazi Whistleblower Gregory Hicks Is Being Prohibited From Talking To Investigators And Members Of Congress.

Cheryl Mills Tried To Intimidate Hicks After His Meeting With Chaffetz.

Hicks Is Being Punished For Speaking Out And Has Been Demoted And Received Criticism Of His Management Style.

The White House Refused To Send A Second Team To Benghazi Because Of Political Motivations.

The truth of these matters is HERE.




  1. April

    If you and Media Matters would like to fallaciously claim others are big lying liars, it would help you out enornously to be better liars yourselves.

    Why in world would this administration have a tactical need to blame a video for two weeks when Libya’s own president came out saying it was a premeditated terror attack not having anything to do with a video from the start? That it wasn’t a spontaneous proteest wasn’t a secret to anyone who reads credible news sources. And it is hard for me to believe you and MM would dare mention Candy Crowley’s egregious behaviour during a presidential debate. Not only did she inappropriately interject herself to save her preferred candidate, she was wrong and mislead viewers. Her backtracking after the fact was pathetic. Her behaviour should have consequences as severe as the consequences should be in regard to the IRS targeting conservative political groups for harassment.

    So should yours and Media Matters..

    (I’m not going to bother refuting where Media Matters actually cites itself! That’s just so hilarious!)

    They say that a lie travels around the world before the truth even has its boots on. And thats true. But eventually, Pat, the truth does make its’ rounds.

    From Fast and Furoius to the Gibson Guitars fiasco to Solyndra, this admin and DOJ is the most corrupt I’ve ever seen.

    Worth looking at..especially the debate footage…

    You will always have more time to write and spread falsehoods than the rest of have to correct them. Thats fine. Just keep sending out the weekly and letting me check the online version so I know where I WON’T be shopping. : ) A business that isn’t upset by your dishonesty and bias and bigotry is one I don’t think I could trust.

  2. Robert

    Patrick, in the past I posted a video of G W Bush and Kofi Annan in a televised meeting, where Bush said he had no choice but to go to war because Saddam H wouldn’t allow the inspectors in. All the while knowing the Hans Blix was there in Iraq leading the inspection team and finding nothing.

    Blix and his team had to rush out of Iraq before the bombings started. I can’t find that video any more on youtube. There’s info out there about the inspectors leaving but the actual video of Bush lying is not showing up. Do you have a way of searching your archives for that post I made with the link to that video?

    Here’s another story about the inspectors leaving Iraq. Hans Blix was has been quite vocal about his observations and how the desire to invade was going to happen regardless of what Blix did or didn’t find. The video of Bush and Annan would be the tying event.

    The poster known as April seems to be selectively outraged, as usual.


  3. April

    Saddam was uncooperative with weapons inspectors and UN Resolutions, thus spawning the joke about the UN and it’s heavy handed threat ….. ‘or else we’ll send you a nasty letter”.

    And that same UN and Kofi Annan have their own share of scandals.

    It’s your outrage that is quite selective, Robert, as Bush had the proper Congressional support required for the Iraq War based on intelligence available at the time. That would have required that Democrats voted for the War Resolution, and they did. That was more than Obama bothered with in Libya, btw.

    As a Libertarian,I often vocally disagreed with Bush and his policies. Especially when he helped Democrats spend like drunken sailors on shore leave. The man was a Rhino. I spent quite a bit of my time fighting bad legislation during his administration.

    But it’s 2013 now, and Bush is no longer in office. Obama is presently holding that office, and he is making a RHiNO like Bush look good. Especially overseas. If it wasn’t for a left-leaning lapdog media that has ignored his and other Democrats scandals, lies and embarassing gaffes, he would have been impeached, tarred and feathered by now and every last Liberal Dem tossed out on their butts..

  4. April: Regarding your claim that Democratic lawmakers voted for the war in Iraq, here’s the truth of the matter:

    Fifty-seven percent of the Democrats in the two houses of Congress voted against it, while 97 percent of the Republicans voted for it.

    It was a Republican war.

  5. Robert

    Bush – a RHINO? That’s a new one. I suspect you’re with the Tea Party. Obama is carrying on the corporate agenda just as Bush and Cheney did and Clinton before them. The only difference we would have seen with a Romney presidency is the red meat he would throw out to keep the social conservatives appeased. Likewise, Obama is throwing the red meat of the left to the social liberals. If you think there’s a real difference in the parties beyond the tactics I noted, I think you will remain in an agitated state of mind, probably till you tire of it or pass on.

    The threats of impeachment are really getting tired.

  6. Robert

    April, when you have a couple of bully’s in the WH, saying you’re either with us or with them, and an accommodating media to push that messaging (because if they didn’t they’d lose access), what do you think a good amount of politicians are going to do? Likewise, that same meme was effective on the American public.

    What is MEME?

    MEME is “An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc”

  7. April

    Bush was always known as a RHiNO. It’s only new to you, Robert. Most Republicans considered the Bush/Kerry match-up to be a ‘plug-your-nose-and -vote’ election. When Mccain was served up, they informed the GOP that the plug your nose days were over. Their base didn’t turn out for McCain or Romney.

    Neither did most Libertarians. I didn’t vote for either McCain or Romney. If we are going to have Dem or DemLite..I’m voting 3rd party.

    And I am a Libertarian as I stated already. I am an Objectivist. That would make me quite sympathetic to TEA Party ideals. Libertarianism is an ideology which falls on the right side of the political spectrum. The side whose extreme is no external order at all, decentralized gov to no gov at all, based on cummulative action, with power held at the local to individual range. I am an anti-Collectivist. OK?

    Honestly I don’t know who or what you are responding to in most of your responses, Robert, but it isn’t to what I wrote. Worse yet, it’s the same knee-jerk kind of insanity that comes from reading too much Media Matters and HuffPo. Or maybe the NYT. I did not suggest impeachment was imminent or threaten it. The Dems hold the Senate, and they’re good with corruption. They have been since before the days of Tamanny Hall. They are the same party they were then.

    And Pat, you are haven’t joined us in 2013 yet. Could you? I think the corrupt administration that currently occupies the White House should be what we are discussing. Obama is President. And your blog post above links to an embrassing string of lies. Did you stroll down my memory lane above?

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